An example of this in a description of land would be "along the west boundary of the Jones parcel", or as shown here "with the line common to the land of Mrs. Mary Olbum." ----- Typically, the survey will show or list out the directions and distances measured along the boundary lines. A land survey, or simply survey, is the scientific process of measuring the dimensions of a particular area of the earth's surface, including its horizontal distances, directions, angles, and . It then reels them into the rest of the listing by capturing the property's most appealing features through carefully selected descriptions: open floor plan, high ceilings, stainless steel appliances, captivating, chef's kitchen, immaculate, mountain views. Helping your clients buy or sell a home is a time-consuming process, and writing a real estate listing description is just one tiny part of the process. For example, the village of Yarbo, Saskatchewan is located at the legal land description of SE-12-20-33-W1, which would be the South East quarter of Section 12, Township 20, Range 33, West of the first meridian. Each lot (parcel) of land is given a lot number, and each group of contiguous lots is given a block number. Additonally, Metes and Bounds uses the Bearing System. Southwest Quarter of Section 24, Township 38, Range 20, West of the 5th Meridian. These parts of sections are known as aliquot parts. Incorporate descriptive words that appeal to buyers. Additonally, Metes and Bounds uses the Bearing System. A block is generally a group of contiguous lots bounded by streets, such as a city block. The bathroom has ceramic tile flooring, textured walls, and chic Kohler and Delta fixtures. The legal description will also be written out in Texas property tax documents located at the real property appraisal or tax assessor's site. The legal description is an essential component of a deed that describes and defines the property that's bought or sold. Metes and bounds descriptions are typically used whenever land survey areas are irregularly sized and/or shaped, so that the .

For example, the village of Yarbo, Saskatchewan is located at the legal land description of SE-12-20-33-W1, which would be the South East quarter of Section 12, Township 20, Range 33, West of the first meridian. There are several different types of deeds including: Deed of Gift - A deed transferring real or personal property for something other than the normal consideration. "LY" descriptions 6. Metes and Bounds: This form of description uses references, such as streets and rivers to identify each point of the property (north, south, east, and west). Sample Legal Property Descriptions Sample 1: . If this is the case, then your land still has a section, township, and range . The ATS is a grid network dividing the province into equal-sized parcels of land. Basic details about the property (e.g., property size, square footage, location). Real property in the City of Romulus, County of Wayne, State of Michigan, described as follows: Parcel A: Beginning at a point on the North line of Section 12 said point being distant South 89 degrees 24 minutes 22 seconds East 340.0 feet from the Northwest corner of Section 12, Town 3 South, Range 9 . The first sentence clearly explains the page's value while the rest of the description provides a call-to-action for LinkedIn. They'll help you get more people to pay attention to your listings and maximize your sales. example a particular lot is described as: "Lot 73 of Tract 5417 as per map recorded in book 72, pages 16 and 17, in the office of the county/city recorder of (named . Plans from only $1.35 per week! The job description example presented below shows the functions of the position you will likely perform if hired: Conduct research and audits to confirm enquiries regarding tenant statements. 90 a distance of 200 feet; thence 180 a distance of 100 feet; thence 270 a distance of 200 feet to. Instalment 2: Additional details on this type of property reports can be found on Legal & Vesting Report Info page. A lot is an individual piece of land which is intended to be conveyed in its entirety to a buyer. For example, this can be used for legal agreement and contract purposes. For example, each township is six square miles, or 23,040 acres, and contains 36 square sections, which are each intended to be one square mile (or 640 acres). LOT AND BLOCK DESCRIPTIONS 5.

It is a description of a tract of land by starting at a given point, running so many feet a certain direction, so many feet another direction etc., back to the point of beginning. If your potential customers are on the market for a new home, chances are, they're reading multiple listings a day. A written agreement conveying real property (land) from one person to another, or transferring title, in exchange for a specified term called the consideration. Metes are a measure of length and bounds are boundaries. The property description used in deeds and other land documents will refer to the name of the subdivision and the lot number. A description of the property (this is where you can get the most creative). A boundary is the fixing of a limit or extent of property and, in this publication, is When writing your property description, it is important not to be misleading. The basic test as to whether a legal description is good is whether a surveyor can properly locate and identify the parcel based upon its description. But because human relationships to land are so complex, it can be difficult to think them through in a unified way. LinkedIn. 'The building comprises'. Property Description Examples. Rural land parcels today are usually no larger than about 40 acres. If you require to have such a legal property description document the given sample of the template can help you to structure that. The report captures all the details of the property, including its general description, structural soundness and any other detail about electrical and plumbing. Examples of metes and bounds landmarks include rivers, roads, stakes, or other such natural or manmade markers. Legal Land Description to Latitude and Longitude, GPS, UTM, NTS & MGRS. A mailing or street address does identify the location of a building, but streets can change names, land can be divided, and sometimes the address won't even match the actual legal property description. Be sure to include anything that makes the property stand out in the marketplace. Bounds 2. Metes and Bounds. Statutory Legal Descriptions. Junior / Senior rights are based upon this principle . The surveyor then uses these measurements to . Public Land Survey System (PLSS) 4. LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY. Objectives when Describing Land A land description to be legally sufficient in the matter of locatability must identify a particular . Examples include a . 2. etc., the land descriptions for these parcels must also be created to accurately represent the land it describes. For example, the description above would be read "The north 1/2 of the southeast quarter of the southwest Your property description may also say a block and a lot number, which refers to a specific developed area of town, city, or housing project. With this property inspection example, you have a good place to start. Sections: Townships are broken down into 36, 1-mile square sections (640 acres). Legal Land Descriptions (LLDs) and Their Format for Plans to be entered into the Land Surveys Directory . Example: Charming, Fully-Renovated Craftsman in Desirable Neighborhood: Won't Last! It is located at 3821 Bleach Ave, North Hollywood, California." . This allows identification of land parcels when the legal land description is known and understood. "A newly refurbished 4 . Descriptions of Land: For Use in Land Orders, Executive Orders, Proclamations, Federal Register Documents, and Land Description Databases . Each square parcel within the township is known as a "section" each being one mile square and consisting of 640 acres each. Basement walks out to fenced backyard. 16+ Property Description Examples. Using the most recent deed to the property is usually the best way to ensure that the current owner's interest passes to the new owner. Complete and clear explanation about property manager job description with sample or property manager job duties and responsibilities or property manager qua. A legal description can take different forms including reference to a government . A metes-and-bounds description of a triangular-shaped tract of land might be as follows: "Beginning at a point from which the north quarter corner of Section 4, T. 1 N (township 1 north), R. 70 W (range 70 west) of the 6th PM (the sixth principal meridian, a north-south reference line) in Boulder County, Colorado, bears N 45 W 1,320 feet, at which point of beginning an iron stake has . Here are two examples to help you craft an inspiring and compelling description: Example #1: Typical ad copy "Air conditioning unit, new furnace, all appliances included. The description of the land is meant to identify all of the . The bedroom sits just off the living area and has a large reach-in closet. Land Descriptions and Where They Come From. Quarter/LSD: Section: Township: Range: Meridian . Locate farms, forest, fields, acreages, oil and gas wells, leases, Legal Subdivisions (LSD), Unique Well .

EXAMPLE: In figure 1 notice the small tract of land outlined. Strips 7. The Copy Cat Real Estate Listing Generator is an invaluable resource for real estate agents, helping to produce catchy real estate copy, in less time, without the stress. 2. descriptions should terminate on a property or boundary line for closure but may not in certain instances. However, a single land transfer may group together a number of parcels, such as "The north half of Section 26, Township 7 North, Range 3 . A legal property description is a way of identifying property to ensure complete and legal accuracy. Huge deck in back.

An example is "Northeast of the Southeast (NESE)." The letter abbreviations are used in the definitions for clarity, with N meaning north, S meaning south, E meaning east and W meaning west. The building has an elevator, a bicycle room, private storage, and parking spaces. Try to be as specific as possible without simply listing the property features. All that portion of Section 10, Township 15 South, Range 2 East, San Bernardino . The legal description pinpoints the location of a given property within its particular township, range, and section. There are several different types of deeds including: Deed of Gift - A deed transferring real or personal property for something other than the normal consideration. Any parcel of land in Alberta can be located by its legal land description. Focusing on your clients. Note that the copy skips dry facts like square footage and the number of bedrooms. This becomes a matter of concern when trying to identifying a piece of real property. Prepare monthly and quarterly close for buildings and properties. Metes and bounds are the limits or boundaries of a piece of property as identified by its natural landmarks. The following is a list of other types of descriptions that are often insufficient to qualify as an adequate legal . become the property's legal description. The property description examples start with the curb appeal. Collectively, you should use these three components to woo your audience. More expensive than the homebuyer's report, a full building survey will give you a more detailed and more thorough assessment of the property you are about to purchase. Defining Legal Description. Metes and Bounds are a legal real estate land system used to describe irregular parcels and plated subdivisions. 2. Sample 1. Example 1 - Office Tower University Tower is a 17-story Durham landmark building, offering unique Class A office space with stunning views of Durham and Chapel Hill.

LEGAL DESCRIPTIONS Some that work: 23.15 acres of land, more or less, out of the John Gunther Survey, Abstract Legal land descriptions are written as in the following example: SW 24-38-20-W5 . The Problem Solver. Interpret and Write Descriptions of Land: The Public Land SurveySystem ----- This module provides the foundational concepts and terminology of the Rectangular Survey System: interpreting land location on a map, writing a description of the land using the nomenclature of the Public Land Survey System, and emphasizing the importance ofpunctuation the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). A legal description is one that is legally sufficient to transfer describe the property. 11. Fractional descriptions use a rectangular system, which the United Stages adopted in 1787, according to the American Bar Association. With paved road access to the land from two separate entry points and walking trails throughout, you'll be able to avoid detection while you slip into your hunting stand or blind. It's more authoritative than the address and the parcel number, and if this information is stated incorrectly on a deed, the wrong piece of real estate will be transferred. . Lot and Block Survey: The newest land description system seen. N 1/2 SE 1/4 SW 1/4, S24, T32N, R18E The descriptions are generally read from front to back. Continuing with property description examples . REAL ESTATE PROPERTY DESCRIPTION EXAMPLES Example 1 (Poor) real estate description examples "This 1,823 sq ft single-family residence has 2 bed and 1 ba. 2413, Page 327, Deed Records of Travis County, Texas. City name - CN. . Use our sample real estate listing descriptions for quick inspiration, or hire us to professionally write a custom property description for you today! Metes and Bounds 3. 1. Examples of Strip and Centerline Descriptions: "A strip of land 25 feet wide, lying north of the following described line;" "A strip of land 25 feet, being 12.5 feet on each side of the following described centerline;" or The exhibit shows a sample subdivision plat map. proclamations, and examples of boundary descriptions. This is an example of a standardized property inspection report that you can use as a guide to write your own report. In writing a legal description, care must be taken that it actually describes the ownership tract. Listings with "potential" sold for 4.3 percent less. This was renovated with the most modern technology, and ceiling / wall heating and cooling ensure the desired temperature. Documents pertaining to real estate require the complete legal description of the property. The property details should accurately represent the property you are advertising. A typical property description has three components: 1. Instalment 1: $6,030.32. 'You'll enjoy'. 3. Use a catchy real estate headline to capture buyers' interest. Sections: Townships are broken down into 36, 1-mile square sections (640 acres). The Legal Description System 1. 8. Land is one of the worlds most emotionally resonant resources, and control over it is fundamental to almost all human activity. Frequently the search will also yield recording information for the deed to the property. A legal description is a written recorded document defining the boundaries of a property. Examples of legal descriptions include fractional descriptions, lots of a subdivision, meets-and-bounds descriptions and course-and-distance descriptions. 0 . To save time, they probably . Learn more about property law with this . Overview. the following described property, situated in the Parish of Vernon, Louisiana, . That is, a tract usually is a quarter section, a part of that quarter, or a quarter plus other land. Exhibit 9.5 Subdivision Plat Map Description format The description of a recorded plat property first presents the property's lot number or letter, then the block identifier and the subdivision name. Some phrases you could try to incorporate, include: 'The property benefits from having'. For example any tract smaller than a quarter section is Appendix A Examples of Legal Land Descriptions January 24, 2005 Description Pre-Conversion LLD from Title Conversion LLD for Parcel/Title Urban Lot and Block Lot 3-Blk/Par 01-Plan 87R45448 Lot 3- Blk/Par 01-Plan 87R45448-Ext. . The Hill is a brand new boutique condominium located in Ocean Hill. The old paper based system documented these changes by simply . In describing a tract, the quarter section is really the key. Lots of updates." Example #2: Better ad copy Then the listing descriptions that sell you want to take the buyer - reader on a journey as they drive up the house. A pure metes description based on azimuths is simple. Metes are a measure of length and bounds are boundaries. Metes and Bounds are a legal real estate land system used to describe irregular parcels and plated subdivisions. Tax ID: 9876543210. 2. Appendix A Examples of Legal Land Descriptions January 24, 2005 Description Pre-Conversion LLD from Title Conversion LLD for Parcel/Title Urban Lot and Block Lot 3 . Property descriptions can make all the difference in making or breaking a future sale. To put it simply, a property's legal description is the definition of the real estate being bought and sold. Townships run north and south, and range lines run east and west. For example, 17 states, including the original 13 colonies, used a sectionalized basis to describe their land, in . How to get it: Property Legal Description & Vesting Report is offered in all plans. Out of 24,000 homes analyzed by Zillow, listings with "fixer" in the description sold for 11.1 percent less, on average, than expected. Legal land descriptions are based on the Alberta Township Survey (ATS) system. The legal dictionary defines it as a "formal, detailed, and sufficient property/asset description that definitively identifies and locates a specific property.". Include an opening statement that describes what the buyer is looking for. 12 acres of land, more or less, out of the Santiago Del Valle Grant in Travis County, Texas and being the same land described in that deed of record in Vol.