Buddha And Jesus, Your Opinion On An Article. Yet there are hundreds concerning Jesus Christ, the Messiah. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. If Jesus did not fulfill even one of the 109 distinct First Coming prophecies about the Messiah, then He couldnt be who He claimed to be the Savior. Hopi Pahana. ), it is absurd, and dishonest to use this "prophecy" for Jesus Christ. Jesus promised hope to each man and woman as an individual (John 14:3) and said to the thief on the cross beside him, 'Today you shall be with me in paradise' (Luke 23:43). (John. This prophecy of Gautama Buddha clearly predicts that the teaching of Mettayya Buddha will be a worldwide teaching. Christians believe that God has actually visited us in human form. Buddha was never against Jesus, even if Jesus was not yet born. Jesus said; John 10:30 I and my Father are one. No prophecy foretold the coming of Buddha, Confucius or Muhammad. Jesus

jesus was not a woman nor was he a buffalo. The Buddha also had to die to be resurrected, but not in the way we might assume. Fulfilled prophecy validates Jesus claim to divinity and being our Savior. The real teaching of Buddha is the same as the teaching of Jesus Christ. February 13, 2015 by chai gatewalla. The Holy One Buddha said would come has come. This psalm is recited often in Jewish religious services. . The Golden Boat, Buddhas Prophecy Of Christ Religious Background. when Not our spirituality. Its not just bowing down to a small carved statue or a pagan worshiper offering incense at a shrine to Buddha. *The Buddha died and stayed in his grave. Just by seeing their faces appear in the clouds, is a loud shout and witness to humanity that the gospel is true and living. Jesus affirmed the existence and unity of a personal and moral God, who is both sovereign over history and involved with it. By some accounts, nine Brahman holy men made the prophecy. If not, why not -- if they believe such a claim made and not proven by the anonymous author of Philippians (supposedly Paul who never even met Jesus)? Jesus claimed and proved to be God in human flesh. But hey, what did Jesus say about Buddha? (p.112). The title, On the Buddhas Prophecy, points to two prophecies: One is Shakyamuni Buddhas prediction that the votary of the Lotus Sutra will appear at the beginning of the Latter Day of the Buddha lived approximately 500 years before Christ. yes this prophecy to me does in fact sound very much like it could refer to Jesus. Jesus [e] (c. 4 BC AD 30 / 33), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth or Jesus Christ, [f] was a first-century Jewish preacher and religious leader. Jesus Christ was and is almighty God. Jesus didnt specifically mention Buddha who was born about 630 years before the Messiah in 632 BC. This fundamental event highlights both Christianity and Jesus in a way that is not found in the other Abrahamic religions. These questions get to the heart of who Jesus really was. The religious leaders were incensed. The similarities are so striking that, even if no historical evidence existed, we can suspect that Jesus studied Buddhist teachings and that the prophecy and legend of Jesus was derived from Buddhist stories. The Buddha answered him, The Holy One who will keep the world in the future will be like this: 1. in the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, 2. The clue that helps us to understand when the Maitreya will be manifested is: . Buddha was never against God nor do we truly know if he believed in a God. Jesus, Buddha prophecy Sometime in 2003 a website from Thailand appeared on the internet with an article making an extraordinary claim that in the 5th century BC the Jesus Christ died and rose from the grave! The teachings of all the Prophets are the same in character. Jesus. There is no god in Buddhism, but the writings of Buddha guide Buddhists. The Buddha answered him, "The Holy One who will keep the world in the future will be like this: 1. There are two characters that setting in the sections of bestowal prophecies by Buddha which really attract our attentions. He has traveled to more than 45 countries for Jesus. Maitreya (Sanskrit: ) or Metteyya (Pali: ), also known as Lord Maitreya Buddha, is regarded as the future Buddha of this world in Buddhist eschatology.As the 5th and final

When it comes to who you say Jesus is, there are only two sides of this line: Youve either submitted to him as Lord and Messiah, or you have rejected him. According to a Cambodian Buddhist manuscript, Buddha prophecied of a Holy one who will be "the golden boat" that will take us all to the highest heavens Show more Comments are Hell emphasize Discover the connections between Buddha's teachings to Jesus' teachings! Module 3: A Buddhist View of Jesus (September 20) Bob will lead this module with a Buddhist view of Jesus, following the insights of the Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh.

The reasons are: 1) Jesus dies on the cross was buried, rose from the dead on the third Yes. Prophecies do exist in Buddhism. Just like the Book of Revelation which foretold the second coming of Christ, there is a Sutra that foretold the second coming of Buddha and the events that will unfold, but minus all the violence, gore, outburst of vindictiveness that you find in the Book of Revelation. The Sutra is Cakkavatti Sutra. Buddhist monks chant these three jewels every day. . But in Zoroastrianism there is a Prophecy about Buddha is NOT a name, it is a descriptive title and means "The Awakened; Anointed or Enlightened One", which is exactly the same meaning as the word

Steve points out that the teachings of Buddha are

Arguably the greatest spiritual event of the year is the Festival of Wesak at the full moon during Taurus, also linked to the Kalachakra Initiation and the legend of Shamballa. In the palm of his hands and in the flat of his feet will be the design of a disk, 2. While in Nazareth, Jesus read this prophecy aloud at the synagogue and stated, Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing (Luke 4:21). The Aries, Taurus and Gemini solar festivals are the most esoteric in terms of establishing the principles and plans of each spiritual year. The Prophecy and a Young Marriage . Buddha lived during the same time Buddhas prophecy may have once Some have eroniously labeled this a "Prophecy". Jesus Christ the Avatar, the living incarnated Buddha Maitreya, the Yogi Christ, the World Teacher, the Planetary Logos He is also known by his honorific Tibetan title, His Holiness Jetsun Gyalwa Jampa Gonpo, and has been externalizing and witnessed all over the world for the past 60 years. Buddha Speaks of the Coming Savior. It lists 100 prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. 'The Buddha's prophecies of the Maitreya are scattered in many places' (p.144). Jesus once was mortal and when he died and rose, he was seen as God. Killing the Buddha is your independent online home for great writing from the margins of faith, written by and for questioners since 2000. Walter Lippmann, for example, remarks, "There is no doubt that in one form or another, Jesus was thus born in Bethlehem, fulfilling a prophecy written seven hundred years before (Micah 5:2). A formally Buddhist friend recommended this book to me when I expressed an interest in learning more about Buddhism and I am so glad he did. Jesus Christ foretold by Buddha Buddhism began through Buddha but many of us misunderstand his purpose. Centuries before his birth he was foretold by supernatural prophecy. Jesus' teachings were known as the Gospels while Buddha's teachings were known as Tripitaka. Learn the 2 most popular religions in 1 book! Olivier Manitara, 211 pagesThe Buddha is one of the beings who made their mark in history, bringing humanity a philosophy of kindness and compassion. People called Jesus the Messiah, which meant savior, which is like how Siddhartha was known as Buddha. Buddha Prophesized about Jesus (Yeshua) Buddha's Date of Birth: approx. Arguably the greatest spiritual event of the year is the Festival of Wesak at the full moon during Taurus, also linked to the Kalachakra Initiation and the legend of Shamballa. A child will be born (Jesus) and he will be called the mighty God, the everlasting Father, God with us. Kreeate. Jesus . Discover the connections between Buddha's teachings to Jesus' teachings! It is not a prophecy in the biblical sense but a Buddhists' borrowing of God's Truth that was revealed through the Prophet Daniel, in 586 and catapolted across Asia by King Darius in Daniel 6:24-28. (New World Order) the Bibles 1,000 years of peace Jesuss Kingdom of God on Earth, and Lao Tzes Many Buddhists are seeking peace. The Ten Prophecies of Satan Jesus is a false Messiah That commandment is warning that any interpretation of God (be it Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or whoever) is not God but an effigy that only empowers our minds. Jesus said, Before Abraham was, I am.. And they believe the evidence backs that up. The Prophecy - Isaiah 35:5 & 6 (Written about 690 years before Jesus was born). Share. Jesus may have brought hope to some, but so has Mohammad, Buddha, and even Hitler. You dont get your own personal Jesus. HISTORICAL EVIDENCE OF BUDDHISM IN JUDEA Historical evidence Jesus is alive forever, physically and spiritually, making alive forever all who come to him through repentance, faith and obedience. One who would lead the people away from the old way, and introduce a new way. (Before Christ) of the "Holy One" who would come. In this VDO, Buddha prophesied the coming of Jesus Christ. Next. Buddhists also believe in what are referred to as The Four Noble Truths. Hence neither the 'Christian nor the Buddhist scriptures support the view of Blavatsky that Jesus shall be Maitreya Buddha in his second advent. One who would lead the people I n the Buddhist Scriptures, there is a prophecy from approximately 500 B.C. [11] He is the central figure of Christianity, the Glorious Age (past) the Auspicious (or Fortunate) Age (past-present) the degenerate age (past-present) the age of the righteous law. Two Views of Ultimate Reality. The conclusion is that, although not identifying himself as a Buddhist for good reasons, Jesus spoke like a Buddhist. Then the eyes of the blind will be opened, the ears of the deaf will be unstopped, the lame will leap like deer, the tongue of the dumb will shout for joy.. Posted November 16, 2007. picture of Wat "From Buddha to Jesus is a clear exposition of both Buddhas search for truth and the foundations of Buddhist culture. The man known as Gautama Buddha, or simply Buddha, was born as Siddhartha Gautama around the 6th century BC. Evangelical Christians would not have introduced Jesus Christ as alleged in the article. Messianic prophecies are not something that could be fulfilled throughout history -- things like world peace, the eternal Temple, the return of all the Jews from exile to the land of Israel and global knowledge of G-d. Jesus affirmed the existence and unity of a personal and moral God, who is both sovereign over history and involved with it. The Terms Buddha & Christ - Explained. Ministry of Miracles.

Thus, this Buddhist prediction about a coming sin bearer, may Firstly, Devadatta is presented as a negative character which is not pointed out directly in the twelfth chapter. of the "Holy One" who would come. 1. This is very important to mention right now at the beginning of this extensive research. At the time he was twentynine years of age Jesus, when he began his ministry, was about thirty years of age. (Luke 3:23).

By Maxi101, November 16, 2007 in Buddhism. Some were passed down orally. Who lives and was dead? The Fulfilment of that Prophecy - Matthew 11:4 & 5.

Permission was granted to copy these Buddhist Scriptures regarding That which was begun in Aries is now carried forward and consolidated Followers 0. And "the scripture can not be brken." A sought-after speaker on history, prophecy and justice, he appears as a guest minister at big and small churches, and on international TV including Daystar. One is Devadatta and the other is the daughter of the dragon King Sagara. It was foretold that the boy would be either a great ruler or a great spiritual teacher. Psalms are poems, prayers -- they are not prophecy. Much of what we know of Buddha is passed down from Jesus God was manifest in the flesh (Jesus). Jesus lived a miracle-filled and supernaturally empowered existence from his conception to his ascension. There are six very good reasons why you should study Bible prophecy. Today, Buddhists often point to this story to explain that, no, they dont worship the Buddha as a god or some kind of divine messenger. Instead, they say, he was a human being who awakenedattained enlightenmentthrough his own efforts. The Buddha images on altars are symbols of the enlightened state and the Buddhas teachings. 3. According to Last Days of the Buddha, Vajira and Story, 1998, Buddhas last words were: 5. this is a prophecy about a white buffalo woman. Baha'u'llah, the founder of Baha'i Faith, does not just fulfill the Buddhist The conclusion is that, although not identifying himself as a Buddhist for good reasons, Jesus spoke like a Buddhist. Historical Share. Some 31% of the Bible is God letting mankind know what the future holds. No: In Luke 24:46, Jesus said, Thus it is written , and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day .. Is it true that Buddha prophesied about Jesus? As someone from the U.S. currently living in Thailand and only familiar with Western Buddhism, I struggled to understand the form of Buddhism I saw around me. When Prince Siddhartha was a few days old, it is said, a holy man prophesied over the prince. The Buddha gave a prophecy that Maitreya Bodhisattva would descent from Tusita Heaven and awaken as the next Buddha, when the Buddha's teachings were lost from this world.

On the other hand, some people speak of Jesus, Buddha, Socrates and others without acknowledging any differences. About five hundred years after Buddha left this world, the 6:9 NASB). He taught His Jun 6, 2019. There is a story circulated among Christian community about Buddha prophesied the coming of Jesus and urged people to follow Jesus as the Buddha's himself failed to found salvation is faked and fabricated by interests party. Buddha Spoke of Jesus 500 years before Jesus was born (this is my artistic interpretation) In the Buddhist Scriptures, there is a prophecy from about 500 B.C. In 1 Corinthians 15:4, Paul said, [Jesus] was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures .. Last edited: Jun 6, 2019. Lord means you have surrendered your life to him, and Messiah means he is your only hope for salvation. Buddhas death was recorded around 483 BCE according to most historians. It is impossible. The difference between Buddha and Christian God (GDD-124, Master Sheng Yen) "In Buddhism, ""sin"" is the bad karma one brings from one's past Revelation 11 Enoch: Genesis 5:21-24 Elijah: 2 Kings 2 . Unique in Messianic Prophecies. (Its quite interesting to note that Muhammad died almost exactly 600 years after the resurrection of Christ in AD 630.) Maitreya (Sanskrit: ) or Metteyya (Pali: ), also known as Lord Maitreya Buddha, is regarded as the future Buddha of this world in Buddhist eschatology.As the 5th and final Buddha of our times, his goal would be to reinstate the Dharma, and as such, Maitreya is likely to be born in India.He is the direct successor of the current Buddha, Gautama. Thus, since this "prophecy" did not come from the Buddha to begin with, and both the commentaries and the Pali Canon refer to Metteyya as a Buddha, and since both the commentaries and the Pali Canon define how a Buddha is characterized (uncircumcised, born in India, etc.