Reduces dirt, sand, silt, rust, and scale particles. Available in 10" or 20" lengths with clear or opaque sump options. Order the Culligan HF-360A, an affordably priced whole house water filtration system from Culligan, online Part #CVIHSS | Item #3527920 | Manufacturer Part #VIH-SS $ 70.82 EACH the US Federal or other States laws It is illegal to install products that are not lead free certified in potable water systems anticipated for human consumption. Pentek Valve-In-Head Series. Also known as part number VIH34APC-NP-SS, this filter housing has a leak-proof sealing that is compressed against a top seated EPDM o-ring located in the housing's sump. Valve in Head with Stainless Steel Insert and Wrench. Has built-in shutoff valve in cap for easy cartridge changes, clear housing for monitoring cartridge life. Preserve and protect household plumbing and water-using appliances with the Culligan WH-S200-C Whole House Standard Duty Valve-in-Head Water Filter System with P5 cartridge. Sort Fields. Brand Name: DuPont. Manual or multivalve valves for filter and Water Softener Valve Manual valves for filter and Water Softener are manually operated valves for use on water purification systems. With a 20,000 gallon lifespan, the Berkey shower water filter system is made from proven KDF media designed to reduce chlorine, kills bacteria and inhibits growth of algae and fungi.. North Star Drinking Water Systems. $45.00 + $11.70 shipping + $11.70 shipping + $11.70 shipping. The unique Valve-In-Head design allows water to be shut off with a half turn of the handle and eliminates the need for other valves to change cartridges. Four Hard-working Cartridges Keep Pool Water Clear. Fleck 2510 SXT Backwashing Filter For Sediment. It is great for whole house and other filtration applications.

$3.99. 3/4 inch Inlet/Outlet #10 The clear housing allows you see your filter working and gives you an indication as to when to change your cartridge. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Sears Water Filter Whole House Valve-in-head Multi-purpose Housing 329.347700 at the best online prices at eBay! The DuPont valve-in-head system wrench makes it much easier to remove filter housing from the system head to replace the filter cartridge. VIH10-07C-PRPentek Ametek Valve-In-Head Housing. Add to Compare. These can be used in combination with carbon filters, acid neutralizers, dionization systems, and water softeners. English; Franais; Why North Star? Valve-In-Head Housings. Filter Heads from 3M combines innovative technologies across businesses to create unique solutions for our customers. Flow Rate: 1.5 gpm. Salt-Free Conditioners (such as Greenwave, Pelican, and Springwell Clack Bypass Valve | V3006. Save $ 5.50 (10 %)Ratings (46) (445) (32) (37)Filtration Method: Sand: Sand: Carbon Block,Carbon Spun Fiber,Sand: This open sump system is compatible with EcoPure universal whole home filters EPW2F, EPW2C, EPW2P, EPW2S, EPW2B and all other major brands of whole home, drop-in-style filters. Special Price $2,349.95 Regular Price $3,289.93. This package includes everything you need to install quickly and easily, including system housing, operating instructions and a Culligan SW-2 housing wrench. Its quick connect design can simultaneously shut off and vent water flow with a 1/4 turn, enabling you to easily change cartridges without mess and hassle. Pull the refrigerator out and unplug it.Place a bucket or towel under the inline water filter.Take the filter housing from its case.Disconnect the filter from the water line. Pull the supply lines from the filter and remove any fittings.Screw or connect the new filter into the fittings.Reconnect the water supply lines to the supply valve.More items The heavy duty construction is made using a high quality FDA grade polypropylene. A 3/4 inch pipe size allows for greater plumbing compatibility. Standard capacity (2.5") filter is perfect for household sizes of 1-4 people. Tips for Locating the Water Shut Off Valve Within the HouseIn most cases, the shut off valve will be near the perimeter of the house.Keep your focus on-grade. Track a line from the water meter to the house. Sometimes the shut-off valve will be located behind a plastic access panel.A PEX plumbing manifold is a type of plumbing collection point that is increasingly being installed in newer homes. Add to Cart. The wrench is made of rigid plastic, ensuring it will last the life of the filtration system. The Pentek 150166 3/4" Blue 20" Valve-In-Head Filter Housing is made of a durable, reinforced polypropylene that is compatible with a variety of chemicals. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. Best Overall: SpringWell Whole House Well Water Filter System. Dual Whole House Water Filter Housing (without filters) w/ Wrench & Wall Bracket. CRYSTAL WATER D.E. Uses most 2 1/2 x10 inch replacement filter cartridges. Its clear housing allows for easy visual filter inspection. Established in 1944, Clack has been providing quality industrial water treatment products and commercial water treatment equipment. Valve-In-Head Whole Home Water Filter System: iFilters Whole House Water Filter, 2 Stage, Removes Sediment, CTO and more, Minimal Pressure Drop, City and Well Water: Price $ 25 99 $ 34 98 $ 35 81 $ 49 49 $ 54.99. Our 3M Valve-In-Head/Bracket Assembly, 3/8" FNPT w/Shroud and Plug, Model VH3-NPT features a valve-in-head design including a shroud and plug and 3/8 FNPT inlet and outlet water connections. SimPure DC3P Spin Down Sediment Filter; 9. Retail Price US$95.50. Pentek Sediment Filters. Salt-Free Whole Home Water Conditioner (EPAWCS) Pivotal conditioning system treats hard water without the use of salt. 4 Steel Cartridge Filter Housings. In / Out heads are an inexpensive way to connect filtration units together. unique threaded collar reduces o-ring stress and makes filter changes easier. Standard Housings. Clack is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of high quality control valves and water treatment components. Once you've selected the CHLORINATOR PARTS ; COMPLETE SKIMMER ASSEMBLY . This hybrid system is an integrated water treatment solution that filters and softens water throughout your entire home. Buy 3M ICE120 Series Valve-in-Head Filter System Commercial Water Filters for Ice Machine from at discount price. Model : ICE 120-S. Part Number : 5616003/70020128388. ABOVE GROUND SKIMMER ; FLO PRO ; INGROUND SKIMMER ; MULTI PORT SAND VALVE PARTS . Whole House Water Filters; Salt-Free Water Conditioners; Water Softeners; Whole House Cartridge Filters; 1 Non-Electric In & Out Filter Head .

Max Filtered Water Flow (GPM) 0.9 gpm: Filter Type: Universal Valve-In-Head Whole House Filtration System: Filter Life: 3 Months - Carbon Wrap 2-Phase Cartridge: Appearance: Black net filter in semi-transparent plastic housing: Warranty: 3-year limited warranty: Feed Water Pressure: 30 - 120 psi, 40 - 140F: Filter Capacity: up to 15,000 NSF Certified to Standard 42 for the removal of particulate class V. Pressure relief button for easier Being resistant, inexpensive and easy to install, they are one of the most used valves in water purification plants. They are also known as manual flow control valves. Special Price $1,035.95 Regular Price $1,450.33. US$56.80. Bunn 39000.1000 Details. 3/4" inlet/outlet for installation on 1/2" or 3/4" main cold water lines. The Bunn EQHP-VHD valve in-head assembly for EQHP water filters is designed to fit on top of filter cartridges (sold separately) and control water flow. For whole house applications.

The filter includes a backflush attachment which helps to reduce speed at which the filter clogs.

A genuine OE part, the Culligan HF-360A whole house water filtration system comes complete with a built-in shut-off valve. EcoPure's Valve-in-Head Whole Home Filtration System installs right on your incoming water line to protect your home's water-using appliances and plumbing. The 7 Pool Multiport Valve Positions (Settings Diagram)Your Valve May Vary. Even though there are 3 types of pool filters ( sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth/DE ), multiport valves are only used on sand and DE filters.7 Multiport Valve Positions. Each position on a multiport valve is designed for a specific function. Water Go, Where It Flow. Installs on the 3/4-inch main water line at the point of entry. Loading Please wait.. ICE120 Series Valve-in-Head Filter System. convenient drain port at bottom of sump. Designed for simple in-out filters .

The cartridge assembly uses four, nonwoven, polyester cartridges. The valve on the top of the cap eliminates the need for external shutoff valves by allowing you to simultaneously turn off the inlet and outlet ports. This 10 inch clear housing comes with a valve in head design cap for easy filter service in the bypass mode without the need for shutting off the water supply. The system easily attaches to any 3/4" incoming water line to filter water for the whole house. Creative Filtration Technology SimPure DB10 Inline Sediment Filter Housing; 12. Code: VIH10-07C-PR. Quick View. $37.00. Fleck 2510 Hydrogen Peroxide Well Water System For Removal Of Iron And Sulfur.

Our Price US$56.80. A 3/4 inch pipe size allows for greater plumbing compatibility. Culligan HF-360 Valve-In-Head Whole House Water Filter System with built-in shut-off valve.

The Watts Valve-In-Head Filter Housing is a 10" clear under-counter water filter sump with a white cap. 10 Big Blue Sediment Cartridges 4 Diameter.

It is great for whole house and other filtration applications. Capacity : 9,000 gallons . Dupont Whole House Universal Valve-In-Head Water Filter WFPF38001C + 2 Filters. 3/4 inch Inlet/Outlet #10 Clear 12 per Case. 8. It is important to use the proper wrench to ensure the system parts are not damaged. DELUXE VALVE-IN-HEAD WATER FILTER INSTALLATION and MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Model WVIH 34 Parts Included: One (1) Filter Housing Assembly One (1) Filter Sump Wrench Two (2) Male Compression Fittings Two (2) Male SAND FILTERS ; FITTINGS & POOL PARTS . Rating: 0.5 Micron(s) Rusco 1-1/2-250-F Polyester Screened Filter System; 13. iFilters MWHSD20-WELL Well Water Sediment Filtration Runner Up: SoftPro IronMaster Water Filtration System. Filter Cap features Built-In Valve for Quick Change-Outs. We offer many styles to choose from. D E FILTERS . Valve-in-Head (VIH) closes both the inlet and outlet port simultaneously, making cartridge change-outs quick and easy; 3/4-inch NPT inlet/outlet; Pressure relief button; Accepts a wide variety of 2-1/2 to 3-inch diameter cartridges Special Price $1,012.95 Regular Price $1,418.13.

20 Big Blue Sediment Cartridges 4 Diameter. Add to Compare. Berkey Shower Filter. AWP52B-V 3-Piece housings accept standard 4 1/2" diameter x 20 inch long filter cartridges. 20 products in this category, displaying products 1 to 20. There is no need for backwashing. HF360 valve-in-head water filter extends life of washing machines, water heaters, and other household appliances. The valve-in-head feature turns off the incoming water supply for changing your cartridges. "valve-in-head" shut-off / bypass control. Pentek Ametek Valve-In-Head Housing.

20 Sediment Filter Cartridges. WATERWAY 1.5"SPLIT-NUT BOLT&NUT KIT . Water Filters. Add to Cart. My American Plumber filter housing (my notes say it is model WC34-PR but looking online it looks more like WVC-34 with the valve-in-head design) has started leaking, I think from the water relief valve(s) at the top?

Clean & Clear Plus Cartridge Pool Filters have a corrosion-resistant, injection-molded, fiberglass-reinforced, polypropylene filter tank featuring superior strength and reliability. Features. sturdy powder-coated mounting bracket and spanner wrench included. This product features a valve-in-head design and 3/8 FNPT inlet and outlet water connections. Print Campbell Manufacturing.

DuPont WFPF38001C Valve-in-Head Water Filtration; 10. iSpring WSP50GR Spin Down Sediment Water Filter; 11. How to Replace an Ice Maker Water Inlet ValvePull your refrigerator from the wall until you can access the power cord. Turn off the refrigerator water supply valve. The supply valve connects to the wall behind the refrigerator or beneath the kitchen sink.Remove the screws holding the lower access panel to the bottom of the refrigerator. More items Valve in head: 10 Opaque Housing: 10 Opaque Housing: 20 Opaque Housing: This 10 inch white housing comes with a valve in head design cap for easy filter service in the bypass mode without the need for shutting off the water supply. Best Softener for Low Iron: SpringWell Salt Based Water Softener System. My water has a lot of minerals in it so we get crustyness on faucets, etc. Free shipping for many products! Top Chemical Oxidation System: US Water Systems Matrixx Infusion Iron and Sulfur Removal System. Owners Resources Product Registration. Offer outstanding chemical compatibility, and are ideal for use in a variety of low-flow applications including undersink and countertop residential filtration, pre- and post-reverse osmosis filtration, recreational vehicle filtration, foodservice, and humidifying systems. If you have any questions please contact us: CONTACT INFORMATION: TOLL FREE: 1-877-345-2770 LOCAL TAMPA: 813-832-9293 813-626-9498 30 Sediment Filter Cartridges. Culligan HF-360 Valve-In-Head Whole House Water Filter System