Naturally, some home buyers want to attend the entire inspection and walk around with the inspector while he or she is working and inspecting. This is the best time for questions to ask and clarify items that will be included in the final report. Agents represent their client, and the sooner they are aware of a given issue the sooner it can be addressed. For a multi-family unit, this cost goes up to $600 on average. If your buyer orders a home inspection before closing and 95% of buyers purchasing existing homes will youre off the hook for this one. But (and theres always a but!) the seller can end up paying for the inspection in other ways, in the form of a price cut or repairs. If all this is a little confusing, here well explain the following: The answer is pretty simple it is part of my job! However, since its usually the buyer who hires a home inspector, circumstances often override the real estate agents preferences. Can I attend the home inspection? As a buyers agent, being present at the home inspection is a best practice. Overall, buyers should attend the inspection and it is best practice to ask the home inspectors if its okay you follow them and watch. Home Appraisal Cost. I usually do a pre-listing inspection at the sellers expense, Debbie Miller says. Why Agents Should Be at Home Inspections. Here are a few examples (of many) why an agent may ask a buyer or seller not to attend: A tough negotiation leading up to the sale. That's just my professional opinion. In circumstances where the buyer cannot be there in person, their real estate agent can act as their representative. Yes. Occasionally the home buyer will provide the seller a copy of the home inspection report (or a copy of the home inspection summary) to justify a repair request. Some of the inspectors we interviewed were against clients attending their inspections. When possible, the home buyer and buyers agent should attend the home inspection. Real estate agents are normally the ones who coordinate home inspections. Does the seller have to fix everything on a home inspection? A home inspection report is a document in which an inspector records the condition of the seller's house and cites any problems they find in their examination, such as foundation or safety issues that the buyer should be aware of. Again, every purchase is different, but when you can be there, we generally say, yes. Unreasonable requests after a home inspection. Sometimes, the buyer cant be present for the home inspection. Prepare as a Buyer for the Home Inspection As a home inspector, and previously an agent myself, I understand both sides of the question. It is common (and expected) in my market place for the buyer agent to attend the home inspection. Do buyers go to the home inspection? This is almost like a parent who does their child's homework for them. Buyers that are not able to go to the home inspection themselves should also enlist the help of a real estate agent. Furthermore, at the end of the day, a buyer is a potential customer, and a customer is always The home inspections are purchased by the buyer for the buyer. On the other hand, real estate agents argue that the presence of the buyers agent provides an intermediary between the buyer and the home inspector, explaining terms or requesting clarification. Most home inspections take two to three hours to complete. In a nutshell, home buyers are always encouraged to attend a home inspection because they need to know as much as possible about the home, and may have several questions to ask . On the other hand, if the buyers are going to attend the inspection, which is what happens with the majority of my business, I would much prefer that the seller take off. In most cases, Buyers will attend all or part of the home inspection. When asked why, they cited the following reasons. After all, its in the best interests of property purchasers to avoid making a terrible investment. A home inspection is a critical part of any home sale, and there are many misconceptions and often some confusion surrounding it. They can also ask questions about what is found during the inspection, how the homes various systems work, and what needs to be done for repairs and improvements. A home inspection isnt a requirement, but its almost always done to protect the buyer from acquiring a house with unknown issues. A home inspection costs an average of $338, but ranges from $250 to $400 or more for a large house. The noted repairs give hints as to what was discussed at length in the report. There will be an entire report with pictures for you to review. They can walk you through the process and identify any repairs that the seller should address. Some buyers live out of state, and due to A talkative customer. Furthermore, Ive seen several deals actually go awry simply due to emotions between Buyers and Sellers. . ago. It might be difficult for buyers to attend the home inspection, especially when they live out of town. It is not necessary for the Seller to be there unless Buyer agrees to it. The agent is hired to represent the client, and representing the client means being there when needed. However, it isnt mandatory. Whether Sellers should attend the inspection is more complicated. 9 mo. Buyers will often request structural damage, electrical issues, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, and What the seller does end up seeing is a list of repair requests that are based on the home inspection. Homebuyer and agent: Traditionally, the home buyer and their real estate agent attend the home inspection together. When buying or selling a house, the home inspection is a vital part of the process. This may occur with or without his/her Agent, or it may also include contractors and possibly some relatives and friends. All real estate agents should attend home inspections! Of course, whether or not to attend a home inspection is entirely up to the buyers agent and the preferences of the home inspector and buyer. We have a lot of experience inspecting homes and recommend that home buyers attend the final hour. If you cant get time off work, dont worry. However, some buyers prefer to attend the inspection on their own, or the buyers agent might not be able to attend due to time constraints. Home inspection checklist for buyers. How much does a home inspection cost? The home buyer and the Realtor should attend the home inspection. Agents should not attend home inspections. One or both parties could be suffering from negotiation rage.. The short answer to that is, "Usually, no." Some inspectors prefer to inspect the home without any distractions and that's ok, but we believe it's important that the buyers attend the inspection to have a better understanding of what the inspector is observing firsthand. Lastly, some agents say a listing agent shouldnt be present at a buyers inspection because they should be holding independent inspections of their own. Tags: Buyers, Inspection DayStar Inspections always encourages the buyer to attend their inspection. They have a chance to get their questions asked and answered on the spot. As a buyer, your agent can attend the inspection. It may take longer if: The home is large; The home is old; The inspector finds a lot of problems; The inspector finds issues that are complicated or serious; The home inspector will need to write up a detailed report after they visit the home. When possible, the home buyer and buyers agent should attend the home inspection. The home inspection is the best time for the buyer and the buyers agent to ask questions and clarify items that will be included in the home inspection report. Sometimes, the buyer cant be present for the home inspection. You can typically expect to pay $300 to $400 for a single-family home. On the rare occasions when the seller is present, it can make for an uncomfortable inspection for both the buyers and sellers. A 10% buyer's premium will be added to the final bid, and will become a part of the purchase price. Many buyers also want their agents to be present so they can go over the details of the inspection report and develop a strategy together. As the buyer, you can attend the home inspection and follow the inspector through the house, asking questions as you go. Should I be at the home inspection? Also Read: Who Pays For the Repair After Home Inspection. Having the seller attend the inspection can assist the inspectors with documentation or knowledge about when renovations were made. The home inspection is one of the most important hurdles to clear in a real estate transaction. Buyers should decide who attends a home inspection. Often, the buyers agent will also be present at the home inspection. It is recommended that buyers do try to attend the inspection. But, if it is a buyer paid inspection, it's just not a good idea, and here's why. The buyer needs to attend the home inspection because it is their chance to understand the actual condition of the home. The home inspection is the best time for the buyer and the buyers agent to ask questions and clarify items that will be included in the home inspection report. 1. level 1. Moreover, this section can also include if the inspector cannot properly operate a component of a home. It is best to allow the home inspector to inspect the entire home and document the findings. Furthermore, in some places, you cannot follow the home inspector, such as, the roof or attic. Buyers and sellers shouldnt attend home inspections. Let the inspector do his job. Some home inspectors believe that the buyers agent gets in the way of the inspection and influences their clients opinion. Homebuyers may wish to attend the home inspection in order to discuss any discoveries that the inspector may have discovered. The home inspection is no exception. I also think the seller agent should let the buyer know and get their ok because after all the buyer is the one that's paying for it. Distracting the Inspector. If it is a pre-listing inspection ordered by the seller, they are absolutely okay to be there and should be. You can best advocate and negotiate for your client when you have all the information. This is their opportunity to observe the inspector and learn about all the major systems in their new house. The home inspection is a time for the Buyer to ask the Home Inspector frank questions about the home; this can be difficult for Buyers when the Seller is present. Pre-approved (no later than 5 pm on 6/5/22) broker participation is compensated. The report is considered the buyers property and does not have to be released to the seller. Yes, you can go as you are hiring us AND yes, you should go, as its the best time to learn about your possible new home. In my market the buyer's agent does typically go to the appraisal and not the seller's agent. First and foremost, a seller's presence at the home inspection can be an inhibitor to its success. Property sold in as-is condition, and is not contingent upon buyer's financing, condition of property, appraisal, inspection, etc. If often takes an inspector up to 3 hours to complete an home inspection and it the agent is How long does a home inspection take? Seems to vary by region. The home buyer generally hires the home inspector. Home inspections generally take between 2 and 4 hours depending on the size and age of the house. The important take-away seems to be that the buyers agent should refrain from influencing the buyers conclusions about the home inspection. You're really just going to let them in and they do their thing. Your agent should help them find another home inspection company nearby. There are a number of reasons why the agent buyer's or seller's - should attend the home inspection, not the least of which is that it is their job. In MOST cases, home inspectors are happy to walk you through the inspection and have light conversation! 1. A home inspection isnt a requirement, but its almost always done to protect the buyer from acquiring a house with unknown issues. by Natalie Eisen, Staff Writer, Working RE Magazine A home inspection costs an average of $338, but ranges from $250 to $400 or more for a large house. Anything under $100 that the buyer can reasonably fix on their own (especially in a sellers market, where buyers shouldnt want to come off as overly picky) Cosmetic issues, like paint touch-ups Buyers usually pay for a home inspection, which is scheduled after their offer is accepted. After the inspection, a home inspector will prepare a written report that documents all of their findings. If the inspector identifies unexpected problems, the buyer can renegotiate the sale price with the seller, request that the seller cover the cost of repairs, or cancel the purchase agreement. With the emotions still simmering down, this may not be the best time to introduce them. This process also can work well and allows the home buyer to view the findings as the inspector does, and to discuss each item as you go through the home.