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Court Records are available from the Connecticut Court that produced the records. Get Criminal Court Case Information: Case History | Court Calendar | Minute Entries.

PACER allows anyone with an account to search and locate appellate, district, and bankruptcy court case and docket information.

Individuals that wish to request official Stamford City criminal court records must first find the case number using the Case Look-Up tool.

The District Attorney (DA) case number.

Attorney / Firm Look-up. Subscription access to criminal and traffic case information in the general district courts for the purpose of confirming an individual's date of birth.

Case search. SB384 Tiered Registration Petitions, effective July 1, 2021. This option permits you to search by the attorney's name, by a law firm's name, or by a juris number.

Case Search & Records Information.

For inquiries of Federal Court Records please contact: Tallahassee: 850-521-3501 or Pensacola: 850-435-8440.

There are no Civil/Housing cases currently scheduled today for livestreaming.

To conduct court business via online services, which includes requesting an extension, establishing a payment plan or making a payment, submitting electronic correspondence, reserving a court date, or setting up automatic reminders for your case (s), access My Court Portal as a guest user or create an account.

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The categories of court cases that do not appear on this site are described at . Woodbridge, CT 06525 Phone: (203) 389-3422. There are 2 Courts in Bridgeport, Connecticut, serving a population of 147,586 people in an area of 17 square miles.

Find Waterbury, Connecticut courts and courthouses, such .

Judges. The Courthouse is on your left. Once obtained, requesters must email a written request with the defendant's name, age, and the docket number to or make a telephone request by calling the Centralized .

To view court documents for criminal cases, visit the Criminal/Motor Vehicle Case Look-up portal and follow the links there. Virginia's intermediate appellate court, the Court of Appeals reviews decisions of the circuit courts in domestic relations matters, traffic infractions and criminal cases (except death penalty cases), appeals from administrative agencies, and decisions of the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission.

Also known as rap sheets, they comprise arrest records, court dockets, and conviction information all assembled from local, county, and state jurisdictions, trial courts, courts of appeals as well as county and state . Pending before the Supreme Court. Not All Court Records and Case Types are Searchable/Accessible Online.

Small claims court is there for individuals who are making a claim that is worth $10,000 or less.

In order to use the case look-up feature on this site, please use either of the following two internet browsers.

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Please check back as this page is updated nightly at 8:00pm. Search Florida court records including types of courts, court cases in federal districts, trial dockets, electronic records and FL state courthouses.

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Judiciary Attorney Search.

Criminal History Search. Criminal example: 02000034CFMA, Civil traffic example: 02000034TR, Probate example: 02000034CP .

If you know the trial court docket number of the case, choose By Trial Court Docket Number. Likewise, divorce records are obtainable through the online case lookup portal of the Connecticut Judicial Branch.

Case Search. Register for a PACER account .

Restricted License Information. Felonies and misdemeanors have changed since 2012 by +17% and -47% accordingly.

Supreme/Appellate Court Case Look-up. This service is provided by the Judiciary and the Maryland State Archives. Follow Route 25/8 to Exit 2 (Fairfield Avenue). Phone: 901-222-3665 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:15 pm

Links. Criminal Case Search Disclaimer To begin your search for information please select "Accept" below. No phone requests are taken. Public Access Home.

Learn about the Connecticut criminal court processes and procedures with help from the criminal defense attorney at Field Law Office.

Connecticut Court Records contain publicly available documents, files, transcripts, dockets, and court case information from courts in Connecticut. Vital Records - Certificate copies can be obtained from the: Health Dept Vital Records, 410 Capitol Ave., 1st Floor, Hartford, CT 06134, (860) 509-7700.

Superior Courts have general jurisdiction over all types of civil and criminal cases, and generally handle cases that are beyond the limited jurisdiction of Probate Courts. Accessibility Notice: Due to the complexity of the preceding documents, some of these documents are scanned images. For records prior to 1980, please contact our office directly. Appeals. The judicial district court locations hear major criminal cases, civil disputes, and family cases not involving juveniles. Connecticut Judicial Branch. It preserves and makes accessible all plats filed with . Clerical staff can also answer questions and provide many services by phone. Free Case Evaluation (860) 573-0700 / (203) 927-3359 Serving Enfield, Hartford and New Haven Communities. Phone Number: 1-855-212-1234. This section provides an overview on CM/ECF and PACER.

These documents are available for you to view .

Drug, Mental Health & Veteran Court.

Latest News. The Supreme Court of Nevada provides an electronic record of all cases filed in the court searchable by party name and case docket. Superior Court Case Look-up.

which is an online database that contains both case and docket information from civil and criminal cases that were filed on or after July 1, 2000.

Connecticut criminal records refer to official documents containing the criminal history information of persons in Connecticut. To get more result matches, enter a partial name or just the first few letters . Contact.

Case Search. PLEASE NOTE: This Supreme and Appellate Court Case Look-up was created by the Connecticut Judicial Branch solely as a public service. Searches may yield cases prior to 2011, but the database is incomplete prior to that time. Statewide Grievance Committee. Felony and misdemeanor criminal cases; All small claims cases; Civil case appeals that amount to less than $25,000; Appeals of misdemeanor traffic cases; Small Claims Court.

The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case Information, a valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 177 out of 184 courts in Arizona. Traffic Court Cases. Criminal and motor vehicle case records are available on a separate Lookup page.

Search entire site by keyword or topic. The fee is $1.00 per year searched per name. State of Connecticut Judicial Branch Follow this link to look up the status of pending criminal and/or civil cases in the State of Connecticut courts or for information on conviction information. Court Locations Subscribe to the NHJB List .

List of Waterbury Courts. This look-up service can provide basic information without having to contact the Clerk or State's Attorney's office. Search cases of Wisconsin Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, & circuit courts.

Case Lookup Case data is available from January 5, 2011 to present.

Court of Appeals of Virginia. Customers should specify the number .

Online case information is available here; please review this brief guidance before you begin: Search by entering a full or partial name of the Party you are searching for using Last, First (SMITH, JOHN) format. In addition, you may search by Caption and enter the appellant or respondents Last Name or Company/Organization Name. provides online access to Maryland land record documents.

Case Information Automated Case Information Line 866-222-8029 CM/ECF and PACER Overview In October of 2003, the United States District Court of Connecticut converted all existing case data to the new system, Case Management/Electronic Case Files (CM/ECF).

Federal case files are maintained electronically and are available through the internet-based Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service. The Civil, Deeds and Probate Division is responsible for all the civil cases presented to this court as well as all probate (estate) matters and the recordation of all land transactions within the City of Norfolk boundaries. Access to these records is governed by the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records.

Trial Lawyers Association.

Criminal Court Case Information.

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Nevada law requires customers to pay the required research fee for record search requests where the Defendant name or Justice Court Case Number are not provided.

Show unavailable courts. To get Norwalk divorce records on this platform, requesters may use the " Search by Name ," " Search by Docket Number ," or the " Search by Attorney/Juris Number " option. These documents are available for you to view .

You may also call the Centralized Services Unit at 860-263-2750.

We search through these type of records to compile report on all of the person's citations and driving offences. Free access to basic case information and scheduled court dates for members of the public and attorneys.

Criminal Caseloads for Connecticut sum in 109,996 cases at the year end of 2016 which has a share of 81% of misdemeanor and 19% of felony charges. Small claims cases may also be searched by hearing date. The Connecticut trial court system consists of Superior Courts and Probate Courts . By fax at (608) 267-8859. Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. You can also search by entering in the Case Number.

Information You Need to Find a Court Record Online. Connecticut Court Records contain publicly available documents, files, transcripts, dockets, and court case information from courts in Connecticut.

Court Holiday Schedule.

You can search court dockets, view oral arguments, find court calendars, access SJC briefs, and . Some Superior Courts also have "special sessions" for certain types of cases. They can do so by using the Case Look-up page of the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch. All Magisterial District Court docket numbers begin with 'MJ' and follow a similar format (Examples: MJ-51301-TR-0009999-2017, MJ-51301-NT-0008888-2017).

You can also search by entering in the Case Number. You are now facing the side of the Courthouse.

Pick up court records: If you wish to obtain copies of disposed Superior Court records, requests for files must be e-mailed to: New Haven Courtroom One YouTube.

(The system is unavailable Tuesday through Saturday from 3:00 am to 4:00 am.) .

The Judicial .

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Rules of Professional Conduct - Select Connecticut Practice Book (In PDF Format) Ethics Opinions. How to Request Copies of Criminal Case Records - Government Agency Copy Requests ONLY. 3:30 PM. By mail at the address listed below.

In Connecticut, Waterbury is ranked 17th of 339 cities in Courts per capita, and 17th of 339 cities in Courts per square mile..

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Criminal / Motor Vehicle.

If the document you're looking for isn't available online, you'll need to contact the clerk's office in the county where the case is being heard.

To get more result matches, enter a partial name or just the first few letters . This option permits you to search by the attorney's name, by a law firm's name, or by a juris number.

The clerk's office can advise you on how to get a copy of the document. Superior Court Judicial Districts. Additional search options include court location, case status, case category, case type, and birth year. PC 1170.18 Petitions (Proposition 47, effective 04/15/15) Check the Status of Your Petition. .

. Dane County Courthouse.


This is the primary trial court in the county.

Visitors further consent to access the record only as instructed by the Court and consent to the Court's monitoring .

Search In Connecticut, Bridgeport is ranked 23rd of 339 cities in Courts per capita, and 12th of 339 cities in Courts per square mile. HHBCV226072434S.

Criminal case searches and calendars are found on-line at this link. Be aware: Civil Limited and Misdemeanor Records may be available only for 10 years for some court locations. Pay My Fines.

Civil / Family/ Housing/ Small Claims.

Find his/her court cases that concern minor and major violations of various traffic laws, such as Driving Under Influence, Speeding, Aggressive Driving, Hit & Run, and many more.

View All Available Court and Police Records Instantly Find Full Court Case Information Online Types of Court Records: Only When Available. For civil, family, housing, and small claims cases, they can find records on the Superior Court Case Lookup page. Criminal Case Lookup | Queensland Courts Criminal Case Lookup If you are a party to a Criminal case being heard in the Supreme, District or Magistrates Courts in Queensland, the Criminal Case lookup will allow you to find information about your upcoming court events.


Criminal. General Information District Court, Nassau County 99 Main Street, Second Floor Hempstead, NY 11550 516-493-4201 The Courthouse is open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. All business must be commenced by 4:30 p.m. Calendars are called at 9:30 a.m. . For quick access to criminal databases, and to learn more about official searches, go to our Connecticut Criminal Records page. How to Look Up New Haven County Property Records.

1254 East Shelby Drive Suite 270 Memphis, TN 38116.

The State of Connecticut Superior Court in Hartford County is located at 95 Washington Street.

Online access to case information for payments in select juvenile and domestic relations district courts.

215 S Hamilton St. Madison, WI 53703. The public information viewed here reflects the actual filed documents or docket entries required to be kept by the Office of the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk which are considered to be public record and contained in the official case files.

Case lookup information is compiled and maintained by the Judicial Branch, State of Connecticut Department of Correction Connecticut Courts keep records on all legal processes including documents from appeals.

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Justice Lisa Holder White to Become Newest Member of Illinois Supreme Court - Watch Live Thursday, July 7th, Beginning at 11 a.m. .

Case Search: Enter the five digit case number into the search box and select search. Paying your Fine in a Criminal Case Checklist; 1 Granite Place, Suite N400 Concord, NH 03301.

Northbound - Exit 49S, follow Route 25/8 directions above. Attorney / Firm Civil Case List. Juvenile cases are not included in this . CASTRO, NOE v. COMMISSIONER OF MOTOR VEHICLES.

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