The Flex offense is an offensive strategy in basketball developed in the 1970s. The action is predicated on initiating with post players on the Passing (to the outside hand for offensive execution and to the inside hand for scoring). A flex offense is a strategy in which all five offensive players participate in screens and cuts in order to find an open scoring opportunity. It is a patterned offense relying on cuts across the key (called a flex cut) and down screens to create a pick-the-picker action.

The flex offense is a type of basketball offense that creates scoring opportunities near the basket or from the perimeter by way of two types of basketball screens known as the flex screen and the down screen. First, let me say that none of the POV are dummies, especially in basketball knowledge, but the title was an easy get. A slot to slot pass triggers a Flex screen from the low post to the wing. Position #2 Trigger The trigger is located on the wing and Get a cutter, screener, and passer on the box ready to come up. This will be the position of the Flex Screen set for Four (4). The main goal of the flex offense is to get an easy shot due to the constant motion of the players. The Flex offense can give you the tools to build a championship type program even if your team lacks basic offensive skills. High Post Rub. The goal here is get a strong flex cut. Ball Screen Example 2.

On April 13, 2021 By hoopcoach. 508 subscribers. The Flex Basketball Offense is great to use with youth basketball teams.

NLPBball. Click on the pdf link to download the basketball coaching clinic notes for your basketball playbooks: If you like running a 5-out offense, this flex pattern gives your 5-out offense a whole new look, and is something you could call from the

This offense is most effective against man-to-man defenses. The Flex Offense Hand-off Roll Play starts with the Five (5) moving off the front of the basket to the strong side Low Post. I hope that you enjoy these basketball diagrams. False Motion Offense Diagrams. 1 and 4 move into position to set a double screen. It is generally used against a man defense. (Diagrams A - E) In diagram A, O1 passes to O2, while O3 makes the "flex cut" off O5's screen. The flex offense is a slow-down, patient, 4-out, 1-in continuity offense that allows all five players to play all five positions.

A great drill to work on dribbling skills, footwork off the catch, and a variety of shots. The Spartans dont have enough scholarship players for an oversized rotation. Nearly every basketball program at the collegiate and professional level will have some form of this look. Coaches Manual Flex Offence. Flex Offense - Basic Motion (Diagrams A - E) In diagram A, O1 passes to O2, (across the split line) while O3 makes the "flex cut" off O5's screen.

Flex offense is a 4-out, 1-in consistency offense that mostly uses down-screen movement on the screen and the famed flex break to open templates or jump shots around the high post. Post O5 steps up and sets a back screen for O1. Flex Offense Explained: How the Flex Offense Works in Basketball - 2022 - MasterClass To submit requests for assistance, or provide feedback regarding accessibility, please contact .

Essentially a double screen for the flex cutter. 1 runs the basic flex off of the corner pass option by screening away. As Four (4) sees Five (5) moving, this player will start their movement of the Flex Cut. Indiana Pacers - Horns Flex. The flex offense places two players high and three players low in a 4-out, 1-in dynamic. The Basketball offense is great to use against a zone and man to man defence.

These diagrams will explain how to run this offense with great ease. NEXT POST Note to Players: All Coaches Really Want is Consistent, Productive Minutes. Screening (head-hunting). In the first BLOB play, players line up as shown in the diagram. With this offense, youll have great spacing, ball movement, and player movement. Simple call or wrinkle for your flex offense. Basketball BreakdownHow to run the Flex offense. This is a methodical continuity set, aimed at getting the defense to slip up on defending screens off the ball. Players 1 and 4 occupy the slots, 2 and 3 are on the wings, and 5 is in the low post.

That flex cutter will set up his man low and then come up high for the catch and layup on the opposite block. Second, in my 16 years of coaching basketball (5 at HS level) Ive never run the Flex Offense but I

In this diagram and embedded video we are looking at an entry into the flex offense. Watch later. You can also run various options, counters, post plays, etc. The [tag]coach [/tag] will pass the ball to one of the three players in line.

The Swing offense is used against man-to-man defenses and combines elements of the UCLA offense, the flex offense, and the triangle offense. Now this action does not have to be named as such but its importance and influence cannot be discounted. The twist comes in the court balance of the players. Ballhandler O1 makes a strongside entry pass to O3. Motion offense Flex offense Perimeter offense Stack offense Kentucky Pattern offense Each of these offenses can be used as a standalone offense, or you can teach them all to your team for different situations during a game. There are five key teaching points to this offense: Spacing (top of the key, wings and blocks). The flex offense is a 4-out, 1-in continuity offense that primarily uses down-screens in a screen-the-screener action and the famous flex cut to get open layups or jump shots around the high post. YouTube.

This offense represents a combining of the Flex offense, and the 5-out (open post) set, and could be used against man-to-man defenses.

However, the flex is still widely used at the high school level because of the strength of the 3-man action upon the guard-guard reversal. Diagram A below shows the basic set, which is 4-out, 1-in. Feels like every single high school Team in America ran it at The "Flex" has been around since the 1970's and is a patterned offense featuring passing, screening, ball-reversal, options and counters. This will most often be the point guard and should have a good ability to shoot the basketball and create shots off the dribble.

Todays basketball coaching clinic notes are on False Motion Offense. Down screens in screen-the-screener actions and the flex cut are the most common ways that players get open in the flex offense. Watch the video below as Coach Tony Miller uses FastDraw, the #1 play diagramming program for basketball coaches, to break down this set from the NBAs Indiana Pacers. Depending on how the defence is playing, O3 can cut either over (ball-side) or under (baseline side) the screen. All players should be on the low block extended. Bacchus Marsh Basketball Association. Position #1 Corner The corner is located in the ball-side corner. The main goal of the flex offense is to get an easy shot due to the constant motion of the players. YouTube. The flex cut is so common that thats where the offenses name comes from, and as such, it is crucial to understand. To understand the basic patterns of the Flex and the 5-Out offense, see Flex Offense and 5-Out Open Post Offense. Learn about the flex offense, a basketball offensive strategy that utilizes a flex cut. A type of set or offense that has been around for many years if commonly referred to as floppy. O2 and O4 can exchange on weakside. There is a lot of passing involved, and players often move into different positions on the court. What is a methodical continuity set aimed Is in the court open shots deeply outside 1 clears to the court reading. Cutting (fake opposite first). . This basketball article discusses the 1-4 high stack offense with several plays presented. What is the flex basketball offense? The basics of the flex offense tell you that when you make a pass then you go to set a screen. The following graphic shows the basic flex offense, however, there are several variations of it that a coach can employ. This basketball article diagrams and discusses several sideline out-of-bounds plays. Players typically use a flex cut to get into the paint for a layup or take a jump shot from outside. This final breakdown drill goes 3-on-3. Timing. I Directly in front of these 3 lines will be three defenders even with the foul line. How to Run The Flex Offense vs Person-to-Person Defense - Y Basketball BreakdownHow to run the 'Flex' offense. 1-2-2 Flex Offense Entry Matt Hackenberg 12/07/2021. Flex Offense - Basic Motion (Diagrams A - E) In diagram A, O1 passes to O2, while O3 makes the "flex cut" off O5's screen. What you will learn in this 99 page book that includes 183 crystal clear diagrams will give your team unbelievable offensive firepower and the tools to dominate your competition and win more games. The point Players recognize that their playmaker (3) received the ball from the corner. O1 then down-screens for O5 (diagram B). A flex offense in basketball is an offensive system that revolves around: cuts, screens, passing, and movement. If wing O3 does not feed O1, O3 makes a reversal pass out to O5 stepping out. Depending on how the defense is playing, O3 can cut either over (ball-side) or under (baseline side) the screen. Most scoring opportunities come off the "flex cut" inside, or a jump-shot from the elbows. Modified Flex Offense. Copy link. This offense is most effective against a man-to-man defense, though some ambitious coaches have used it against odd front zones. None of them are that difcult to learn the ba-sics, so you should have no problem getting the The defender directly in front of the offensive player receiving the pass must run and touch the base line before they can play defense. 1 begins near the left sideline and then dribbles towards the basket via the double on-ball screens set by 4 and 5. Yes, offense is more important than defense, because without offense, a team cannot win a game, no matter how good their defense is. Even if the defense stops every single offensive play, someone still needs to have the passing, kicking, and teamwork skills in order to put the ball in the endzone or the goal.

Take a look at the flex play in the diagrams below 1 passes to 2 in the corner. Info. DIAGRAM 1: Modified Flex (A). Positionless Basketball The flex offense requires all 5 players to be interchangeable.

This is an example of a simple Horns offense set that contains two on-ball screens and basic pick and roll action by one of the screeners. The 2 3 Flex Offense Basic alignment.

This leads to all players being comfortable playing anywhere on the floor and developing skills and confidence for all positions. The Kick ball rule states that if a player kicks the ball intentionally during the play, its a violation. Accidentally striking the ball with the foot is not a violation. If the violation is done by the offense, the opposing team gets to take the ball from the sideline nearest to the spot of the violation. Download the Flex Offense Wrinkle PDF and view the animation here. RE: Flex Offense for dummies. O1 cuts over or under O5's screen for lay-up or strong post up. It is generally used against a man defense. PREVIOUS POST Ball Spin Workout.

A flex offense in basketball is an offensive system that revolves around: cuts, screens, passing, and movement. Next Video Basketball Move BreakdownThe Pro Hop. MSU has nine recruited scholarship players who are expected to play and no plans to add any more. Its mainly a man-to-man offense, but it can be used against a zone with some minor modifications. How to Run the Swing Offense: The diagrams below show the ideal spacing for the Swing. Two players guard the free throw line, while one player is placed in the lane and the final two defenders are placed at the baseline. This layout is a good defense against baseline attacks and offenses working into the paint. Also called the jug defense, one player guards above the foul line while two players guard the wings. O5 then passes to O4 initiating the flex continuity. Your team will be focused on passing, cutting, flex screening, and screening-the-screener to get open layups or jump shots. University of Maryland Head Men's Basketball Coach, 2002 NCAA Champions. For all practical purposes, the flex isnt utilized as an offense at the college level any more because of the shot clock, but it is often used as a play, or quick hitter at that level. Basketball Offense: 19 Strategies Your Team Can Use. 5 comes up to set a Flex Offense Wrinkle.