Series list: Hardy Boys Mystery Stories (191 Books) by Franklin W. Dixon. The Clue of the Screeching Owl (Hardy Boys, Book 41) Dixon, Franklin W. Published by Grosset & Dunlap, 1962. The given files are of two types: Choose items to buy together. Franklin W. Dixon, wrote the original Hardy Boys mysteries for the Stratemeyer Syndicate (also the creators of Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, and the . 10:00. Franklin W. Dixon Hardy Boys Complete Series Set, Books 1-66 Hardcover - October 20, 2006 by Franklin W. Dixon (Author) 18 ratings Hardcover $595.95 3 Used from $422.28 2 Collectible from $749.90 The Penguin Hardy Boys Complete Set: Available for the first time in one complete collection only at

Pictures of every cover art of the first 66 Hardy Boys books. The Bobbsey Twins books were revised in 1950 (first 3) and again in 1961 (first 3 plus others). This in turn would justify a little higher payment for the manuscript$125 to be exact. The Bobbsey Twins books were revised in 1950 (first 3) and again in 1961 (first 3 plus others).

16mo - over 5" - 6" tall.

Hardy Boy books attributed to Leslie McFarlane: The Tower Treasure (1927) The House on the Cliff (1927) The Secret of the Old Mill (1927) The Missing Chums (1928) Hunting for Hidden Gold (1928) The Shore Road Mystery (1928) The Secret of the Caves (1929) The Mystery of Cabin Island (1929) The Great Airport Mystery (1930) DOWNLOAD OPTIONS spine intact. Complete Set of Applewood Hardy Boys Books 1-16 Mostly First Editions. The pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon was also used on the 20 volume Ted Scott Flying Stories series, 1927 to 1943, and the short-lived (1992-1993) Tom Swift crossover Ultra Thriller series.

631 results . The latter revisions made the stories more mystery oriented and the titles were often modified to reflect this. Brother detectives Frank and Joe search a hidden castle for clues to help them find a missing comic book in the 19th book in the thrilling Hardy Boys Adventures series. (Their popularity inspired the creation of Nancy Drew, which promptly began . the series has been relaunched numerous times in bids to keep the franchise current and can be broken down into four distinct periods: the original series, running from 1927 to 1959, the revised era, which saw much of the original series' problematic racial attitudes and old-fashioned slang removed, which ran from 1959 to 1979, the youth movement The Hardy Boys 166. A sortable list in reading order and chronological order with publication date, genre, and rating.

/ Mystery. The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories (Original) (1927-1979) 17 Vintage Hardy Boys books The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories (Original) (1927-1979) Book#s: 4. 1956 Hardy Boys 36: The Secret of Pirates' Hill. And each of those pages is a Hardy Boys page, as described above. Past and Present Danger [1] 168. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Video. First: January 1927 . Hardy Boys #39 The Mystery of the Chinese Junk 1960 Original Text PC $14.99 $3.95 shipping Hardy Boys #28 The Sign of the Crooked Arrow 1949 Original Text PC $14.99 $3.95 shipping Hardy Boys #70 The Infinity Clue Wanderer PB 1981 1st Printing $9.99 $3.95 shipping First Edition HARDY BOYS #29 The Secret of the Lost Tunnel w/DJ 1st EDITION 1950 When Fenton Hardy, the famous private detective and father of the Hardy Boys, asks his sons to help him with his latest case, Frank and Joe find themselves up against a ruthless criminal This nom de plume additionally utilized for the Ted Scott Flying Stories arrangement. Fully Developed Stories. The Castle Conundrum [2] 165. first assistant director (1 episode, 1978) Leslie Moulton . The original plates had deteriorated so it was decided to revamp the books at the same time. The House on the Cliff (first published in 1927) is the second of the original Hardy Boys adventures. Latest: April 2005 . [1] The Hardy Boys have evolved since their debut in 1927. Sample My life-long love of mysteries began that night. Creasing to a few late pages, looks like pressure damage .

The series, which began in 1927 and ended in 1979 . It is fairly valuable with the jacket, but there is a demand for the red cover editions even without the jackets. The show ran from 1927 into 2005 and contained 190 volumes, though some consider only the initial 58 volumes of the series to be a part of the Hardy Boys canon. The novels have been . <p>Vintage Brown Hardy Boys Books 8 book Lot Franklin Dixon First Edition 1927-48. On a fall night in 1956 The Mickey Mouse Club, which back then ran on ABC every night between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., premiered a new serial adventure titled The Hardy Boys: The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure. Novel.

Take Frank and Joe's friend, Chet Morton. The Disappearing Floor 26. Double Down [10] Haunted Other titles Tight bindings. A few days before, their father, an ace detective, and Malcolm Wright, an . Hardy Boys #2 THE HOUSE ON THE CLIFF 1927A-1 First printing of first edition. 'Here is an affectionate and humerous look at those books and hardback heroes that at one time occupied the imagination of so many American children: the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Dr. Fu Manchu, the Bobbsey Twins, Tom Swift - even Bomba the Jungle Boy and Frank Merriwell.

English. Bayport Buccaneers [7] 19. S ince her introduction in April of 1930, the Nancy Drew books have never been out of print.

First published in 1927, The Hardy Boys series of books created by Edward Stratemeyer has sold more than 70 million copies and been translated into more than 25 languages. It is a suburb of NY 2. The cases of a pair of teen detective brothers and a teen girl amateur sleuth. Hardy Boys, fictional brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, the teenage protagonists of a series of American juvenile mystery novels first published in 1927.

But he wrote the Hardy Boys. Fine to have a set, but not the original series . E-Bay buyers of Hardy Boys Mystery books should be aware that a large proportion of the books advertised on E-Bay are the bowdlerized (i.e., butchered through revision) editions published after 1959 by Grosset & Dunlap as though they were originals. After MacFarlane, other ghostwriters took over, and by 1979 there were 58 Hardy Boys titles written by 17 different people under the Franklin W. Dixon name. The first 37 Hardy Boys books were revised between 1959 and 1973. 737 Views . Other Books in This Series Hardy Boys 31: The Secret of Wildcat Swamp. Some of the OT stories already had 20 chapters. The Hardy Boys were an immediate hit -- two years after they first appeared, 116,000 Hardy Boys mysteries had been sold. What Happened at Midnight 11. Below is a list of Franklin W. Dixon's Hardy Boys books in order of when they were originally published: Publication Order of The Hardy Boys Books. Pic credit: Hulu. comment. This book talks about how Bombay came into being and tells us about the worship of Krishna. The Hardy Boys wil Want to Read Rate it: Book 2 The House on the Cliff by Franklin W. Dixon The characters were created by American writer Edward Stratemeyer, the founder of book-packaging firm Stratemeyer Syndicate. (714 Results) Price ($) Hardy Boys Series by Franklin W. Dixon, Vintage Books, Gift for Him, Frank Joe Fenton Hardy, Chet Morton, Pictorial Cover, Nostalgic Gift ShopPemberley (220) Star Seller $7.99 Bestseller 1990s-2000s Hardy Boys Books karllarsonart (672) Star Seller $5.50 Bestseller Vintage Hardy Boys Books with Dust Jackets karllarsonart We have a Hardy Boys book that we beleve is a first edition. "Leslie McFarlane" wrote many of the beginning "Hardy Boys" mysteries using the Franklin W. Dixon pseudonym.

The Original Series reading level has only been adjusted in the last 5 years for the 8-12 age range. Share to Twitter. First Edition.

Hardy Boys books are longer than 50 pages long, but not by a whole bunch. very good condition. Hardy Boys Books 1-10 The Hardy Boys Mystery Collection Box Set. The Twisted Claw 19. Hardy Boys #5 HUNTING FOR HIDDEN GOLD First prtg of first edition. Read: The mystery of the Hardy Boys and the invisible authors. The Hardy Boys or The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories is the original Hardy Boys series. The Tower Treasure (1927) The House on the Cliff . spine intact. Did their original author hide secret jokes inside the famous children's detective books? Plays-/5-RATE QUIZ. Hardy Boys #2: $300.00. Ghost of a Chance [5] 175. So, yeah the pages fly by, and so do the books. He hated the Hardy Boys. Hardy Boys by Dixon, First Edition (631 results) You searched for: Author: dixon, Title: hardy boys.

The first book, The Tower Treasure was published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1927, the series ran for 58 volumes (plus 38 revisions and one spin off title) and lasted over 50 years before Grosset & Dunlap lost rights to publish any new books in 1979. 46 editions The first of an enduring series. minimal wear on cover Hardy Boys #22 The Flickering Torch Mystery 1952 Original Text PC | eBay The first 37 Hardy Boys books were revised between 1959 and 1973. A pseudonym for a series of ghostwriters hired by the Stratemeyer Syndicate to write The Hardy Boys and Ted Scott Flying Stories, along with some Nancy Drew crossover stories. Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.6.3. plus-circle Add Review. The hardy boys mystery stories Addeddate 2018-09-26 07:17:02 Identifier TheHardyBoys .

The latter revisions made the stories more mystery oriented and the titles were often modified to reflect this. Hardy Boys lot of 14 Vintage Tan Hard Covers Antique Mystery Books1942-1959 $33.00 $8.86 shipping Benefits charity The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon First Edition 1927 The Hardy Boys $9,000.00 $9.85 shipping or Best Offer 13 watching ULTRA RARE THE HARDY BOYS HUNTING FOR HIDDEN GOLD '32 WSDJ BROWN Endprs1st Print $699.99 $6.00 shipping Like Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes. 3. u can text me at 318-787-9353. First Edition. Timer. "First time we've ever been asked to play burglar," Frank answered with a chuckle. Title Missing Word Year; The _____ Treasure: 1927: The House on the _____ 1927: The _____ of the Old Mill . Stratemeyer noted that the books would be clothbound and therefore priced a little higher than paperbacks. Give Up. Share to Facebook. . The longest running Collection of books to comprise the Hardy Boys is your Hardy Boys Mystery Stories, sometimes known as the Hardy Boys Mysteries.

That world-building is crucial. 08-13-2012 01:33 AM. With Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson, Ed Gilbert, Pamela Sue Martin. Frank and Joe circle a new case in the wilds of Alaska in the twenty-fourth book in the thrilling Hardy Boys Adventures series.Frank and Joe Hardy are excited when their parents' friends, the Adenshaws, invite them to come visit their home in Alask. 1957 More ways to shop: Find an Apple Store or other retailer near you. ISBN 10: 0448089416 ISBN 13: 9780448089416. Other books produced by the Syndicate that you might recognize include Bobbsey Twins, Cherry Ames, and of course, the Hardy Boys. 0/58. 2 The Hardy Boys Casefiles Series (1987-1998) 2.1 Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMystery Series (1988-1998) 2.2 Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thriller Series (1992-1993) 2.3 Collector's editions and foreign publications 3 The Clues Brothers (1997-2000) 4 The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers (2005-2012) 4.1 Super Mysteries Best Answer. Lisa White July 15, 2014 at 7:15 am.

"Let's get away from here before the crazy guy comes back. House Arrest [9] 26.

no writing in book. If you look at the pre-1987 books, the series was targeted at ages 10-14. . first assistant director (1 episode, 1978) Michael Messinger . Find new and used books on Hardy Boys. 1952 Hardy Boys 32: The Crisscross Shadow . "WHAT an assignment! Hardy Boys 34: The Hooded Hawk Mystery. RARE!! $42.97. </p>

How much hardy boys books worth, very good condition copyright 1927,1928, value of HARDY BOYS books, copyright 1927, - Answered by a verified Antique Expert. Hardy Boys #5: $300.00. According to the Carpentieri biblography, the only red covered Cabin Island to feature the Don Sturdy ad on the last page is the first printing. Study now.

People Who Voted On This List (4) Ed 6241 books Edit your search. Hardy Boys ca 1933 HUNTING FOR HIDDEN GOLD Tan . As a youngster reading Hardy Boys books, you learn an amazing amount of information about the world. Hardcover. The revisions eliminated obsolete prose and, in some cases, racial stereotypes that would today be considered .


no writing in book. Volume 1 1927 Rogers (Wh) - 1933 Rogers (Wh,Y) - 1944 Scott (Y) - 1959 Nappi (W,P) - 2016 Brian Edward Miller

The House on the Cliff (first published in 1927) is the second of the original Hardy Boys adventures.

Hardy Boys #22 The Flickering Torch Mystrry 1952 Original Text PC. 1,918 sales | Hardy Boys Original Text Picture Cover Books by Franklin W Dixon, Vintage Stories, Hardy Boys Mystery, Grosset & Dunlap, Frank Joe Chet $9.99+ In stock Pattern Quantity Add to cart Star Seller. The Tower Treasure, the first book in the original Hardy Boys series, was originally published on June 1, 1927.

What year was the first Hardy Boys Book published? Kickoff to Danger [4] 169. The Hardy Boys mysteries is the best selling & longest running series of books for boys and has been published in many languages world-wide. When they see a spooky or abandoned house, the boys can't help but go explore it, and their gumption and interest in the unknown invariably leads them into uncovering yet another mystery. It is on a Bay 4. The original canon of Hardy Boy books, Volumes 1-38 were copyrighted between 1927-1959. . The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories (1-58) The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories refer to the 58 volumes published by Grosset and Dunlap from 1927 to 1978, as well as the Detective Handbook. Rating: Themes: Kids (12 & Under) Kids: Middle Grade . By NO_r_WAY. McFarlane was paid $ 125 for each early Hardy Boys book, as well as for his silence as a "ghost." first assistant director (1 episode, 1978) Marvin Walters . That's a dead-end road, you know." The boys scrambled back onto their motorcycles and gunned them a bit to get The Hardy Boys was first published in 1927, predating the similar Nancy Drew books by a number of years. The very first book in the series helped set the stage for its older target audience by killing off Joe's long time girlfriend Iola Morton in the very first chapter. The Hardy Boys Cover Art Gallery Code: Wh=White Spine DJ - Y=Yellow Spine DJ - W=Wrap Spine DJ - P=Picture Cover Click On Any Cover To Enlarge It. The Nancy Drew Series Books In 1929, Stratemeyer sent a proposal for a 16-year old female detective to one of his writers, Mildred Wirt Benson (1905-2002), a 25-year old who went on to write twenty-four volumes under . In Stock. Stratemeyer searched out ghostwriters and found a jewel in "Leslie McFarlane". That's a good thing. 334 pages. Hardy Boys : $264.65. The boys solve crimes together, often aided by their father or their friends. Missing Word: Original 58 Hardy Boys Books Can you name the missing words from the original 58 Hardy Boys Books? In the case of Disappearing Floor, however, the original artwork appears to have been lost or misplaced, which forced Archer to completely re-paint the scene for the paperback cover. Crime in the Cards [3] 170. first assistant director (2 episodes, 1978) Victor Hsu . Identifying First Edition Hardy Boys Book. Leslie McFarlane is the most well known of these writers having written the first Hardy Boys book along with twenty others. FREE Shipping.

The story was distributed, making it widely read. Strengthen Your Powers of Observation. Foul Play [8] 23. And from our own Dad!" Joe Hardy grinned at his brother Frank as the two boys slipped into ripple soled shoes and put on dark jackets. This series crossed over with both Nancy Drew in the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys SuperMysteries and Tom Swift in the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift Ultra Thrillers. This item: Hardy Boys Set - Books 1-10. by Franklin W Dixon Hardcover. For example, in the first book the road the Hardy Boys were on outside of Bayport was called "a shore road" but later in later books it became named "Shore Road." Bayport NY of 1927, is the Bayport of the Hardy Boys because: 1. right and turned into a side road on two wheels. Even so, you won't find any incomplete Hardy Boys books. The mystery series holds 58 stories. It is 3 miles from the Atlantic 3. The Original Nancy Drew Series. . In addition to the archives which include McFarlane's first published essay, an IODE 1918 Haileybury High School prize winner the University has acquired first editions of two of the 20 books McFarlane wrote for the Hardy Boys series: The Secret of the Caves and The Tower Treasure. Sold by Shopville USA and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. second assistant director (1 episode, 1978) Larry Powell .

Copy. An illustration of two cells of a film strip. "In his diaries, my father talks about having to write another of those cursed books," the author's son told one interviewer, "in order to earn another $100 to buy coal for the furnace." One of the books' most memorable characters, Chet has .

The McFarlane Hardy Boys books are Volumes 1 (1927) to 16 and 22 to 24 (1945). See more ideas about hardy boys, books, hardy. The books themselves were written by several ghostwriters, most notably Leslie McFarlane, under the collective pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. . "The identification of the Hardy Boys books is done with the help of Tony Carpentiari's great book -- "Hardy to Hardy Investigations' -- 4th Edition (ISBN 1-891388-03-7 $61.95). In all, there are 58 titles in the original Hardy Boys Mysteries series published between 1927 and 1979 written by 17 different men and women. Jan-2022. Nice choice! First, a priceless painting disappears from the Bayport Historical Museum; then, two ancient samurai swords vanish from a private collection. MORE INFO Classic. All Eyes on First Prize (1999) Slip, Slide, and Slap Shot (1999) The Fish-Faced Mask of Mystery (2000) The Bike Race Ruckus (2000) This seller consistently earned 5-star reviews, shipped on time, and replied quickly to any messages they received. Top Franklin W. Dixon. Franklin W. Dixon is the pen name utilized by a mixed bag of different creators (Leslie McFarlane, a Canadian creator, being the first) who composed The Hardy Boys books for the Stratemeyer Syndicate (now possessed by Simon & Schuster). Good. Or call 1-800-MY-APPLE .

This is, of course, the first Hardy Boys book I ever read, and clearly it hooked me.

Biblio has over 100 million new, used and rare books for sale in every category imaginable. Hardy Boys Kindle Books Complete Set Item Preview Hardy Boys.jpg .

The Great Airport Mystery 10. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries: Created by Glen A. Larson, Edward Stratemeyer. Short wave mystery has a bend in cover.

2012-08-27 23:15:29. Over the years the books have had new cover art and, from 1959 to 1977, the first 34 stories have been revised. Edward Stratemeyer originally conceived and plotted the . When Fenton Hardy, the famous private detective and father of the Hardy Boys, asks his sons to help him with his latest case, Frank and Joe find themselves up against a ruthless criminal The boys expected the car to turn over, but it held the dusty ground and sped off out of sight. I have the hardback copys of ,,,,,THE HARDY BOYS (THE TOWER TREASURE) year 1927 blue back, THE HARDY BOYS (THE SECRET OF THE CAVES) 1929 Green Hard copy, and 10-THE HARDY BOYS (WHAT HAPPENED AT MIDNIGHT) 1931 blue back, and THE HARDY BOYS (A FIGURE IN HIDING) 1937 blue all sides of blue book and pictures on front. Many other ghostwriters finished the remaining "classic," or Grosset & Dunlap, titles through Volume 58 in 1979, but the real authors were Syndicate outliners and editors. very good condition. . remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Footprints under the Window 18. Hardy Boys #22 The Flickering Torch Mystrry 1952 Original Text PC. Reviewer: PalomillaProductions - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - June 5, 2021 Subject: Great . Book - 24. Late in the '50s the process began of rewriting the first 38 Hardy Boys books & Detective Handbook. Frank and Joe are trained in the art of criminal detection by their father, Fenton, a former police detective. You can find the titles . This answer is: Study guides. Apr 18, 2019 - Explore Bell's Book's's board "The Hardy Boys rare first editions at Bell's books" on Pinterest. The publishers Simon and Schuster now hold claim on "The Hardy Boys". The Missing Chums 9. Many of the books were later revised . Illustrated Laminated Boards. Trick-or-Trouble [6] The Hardy Boys Undercover Brothers 16. YOU. . In any case, their long history means that there's a lot to say about them! Alexander Elliot and Rohan Campbell the Hardy Boys on Hulu. hide this ad. This video is a detailed runthrough of my collection for the original Canon series of Hardy Boys books which includes volumes 1-58 published by Grosset & Dun. Be the first one to write a review. The Smuggler's Legacy. So on the whole I give it a: Score: 7 an original one would nornally go for around 4,000 dollars even if it isnt in great condition. Share to Reddit. The first book, The Tower Treasure, originally published in 1927, was ghostwritten by Leslie MacFarlane who went on to write 19 more, including #2 through #16. Wiki User. 1955 Hardy Boys 35: The Clue in the Embers. PLAY QUIZ % % Score.

1st Australian edition Knocked slightly to corners which display wear. Hardy Boys (Series) Book 29 Franklin W. Dixon Author (1950) The Wailing Siren Mystery Hardy Boys (Series) Book 30 Franklin W. Dixon Author (1951) The Secret of Wildcat Swamp Hardy Boys (Series) Book 31 Franklin W. Dixon Author (1952) The Crisscross Shadow Hardy Boys (Series) Book 32 Franklin W . Hide details. Some of the OT stories already had 20 chapters. Books. One of the most popular young adult series in history received an original Hulu series in 2020, as The Hardy Boys . Leslie MacFarlane wrote the first book, The Tower Treasure, under the pseudonym Franklin W. Dixon in 1927, and went on to write a total of 16 Hardy Boys titles. These vintage books are a mix of cover iterations and publication years from the '20-'50s, but all are the original stories! Hardy Boys Clue Books: 6-9 years old The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers: 8-12 years old Original Series: About 8-14 years old The Hardy Boys Casefiles: About 12-15 . For many collectors, these are the "true" Hardy Boys books. But their curiosity often aids them in discovering new cases in the first place. "Wow!" said Joe. The Hardy Boys - The Mystery of the Applegate Treasure - Opening Theme. Both series, however, were written by members of the Stratemeyer Syndicate, which hired a number of pseudonymous authors to pen tales of the teen detectives. While the Clock Ticked 12. minimal wear on cover . In total, Archer contributed 67 covers, 48 spines, 36 frontispieces and two sets of internal illustrations to the British Hardy Boys series between 1971 and 1984.

</p><br /><p>Great vintage lot All books but one are in good shape for age.