That the easements granted under Paragraph 1 and shown on the subdivision record plat(s) as required under Paragraph 2 shall be [insert appropriate dimension(s) in accordance with the Road Code or applicable standards] in width and shall be contiguous with and parallel and abutting the right-of-way lines of all of the affected [insert roadway Name(s)] streets. Tarrant, Texas and being the tract of land recorded in Volume 12645, Page 1608, Deed Records, Tarrant County, Texas and being more particularly described as . Generally shows lots, blocks, easements, streets, floodplains, etc. City, town or village plats show . A plat is a map of a specific area . Name of the plat as shown on the original recorded and filed plat and lot, block, out lot or unit within the plat. Section 711.001 | Plat definitions. A map of a subdivision indicating the location and boundaries of individual properties. c. in the same state as the land being surveyed. 4. The collection comprises over 400 cubic feet of records.

2233 D. R.D. Chapter 137. After a tract of land has once been surveyed and platted into an auditor's plat and the owner of any lot situated therein shall thereafter convey a portion of lot, which is described by metes and bounds . Subdivisions plats are prepared by a licensed land surveyor in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 505. sec. Applicants who meet one or more of the criteria for an "A" exemption, described below, may apply directly for a building permit or recording in the land records. (3) The surveyor's affidavit of correction shall contain a reference to the recording information of the document being corrected and the signature and seal of the professional land surveyor of record, and shall not be subject to review before being recorded pursuant to subsection (4) of this section. BB-153 of . You must file and record the plat with the county clerk in the county where the tract of land is located. That I, David W. Fite, Registered Professional Land Surveyor, State of Texas, herebyo `; P' t b certify that the description and plat hereon are taken from actual measurements * e ' , I upon t)E ground and ar true and correct to he best of my knowledge and belief this _! POB Point Of Beginning. recorded plat. Usually requires official approval before recordation. metropolitan plat. The above described parcel together with all improvements thereon contains 15 acres, more or less, and is located in Land Lot No. Shadow Creek Phase 4 Sec 2 Amended Plats Lots 13 & 14 Blk DD, & 71, 81, 81, 85, 86, & 103 Blk A. A block is a group of contiguous lots. A parcel shown on a Lot Legalization Plat.

The county auditor shall file such plat for record with the county recorder and a duplicate thereof shall be filed in the auditor's office. If the record of a plat is not executed and approved as required by this subsection, it is void. As added by Acts 1981, P.L.309, SEC.22. 3. A portion of Eloise St closed and vacated by Ordinance No.

Wake County will keep one of the recorded plats. day of _ ie=, --- 20-425C, and the monuments shown thereoi Modifications to Recorded Maps, Lot Split Plats and Lot Line Adjustments (Chapter 21-15.9 of local ordinance) Purpose For the purposes of this section, a recorded map shall mean a subdivision recorded as either . block 1 of the plat of picken's addition to the town of mt. IC 36-7-3-4 Survey and plat; order; adoption; resolutions; requisites . . Plats. 3.

recorded documents described in (a) above - i.e., the recorded plat, the recorded Agreement, and the recorded covenants for the Property. 194 as Plat Number 21173;and being more particularly described in Maryland State Plane Meridian (NAD83/91) as follows: Beginning for the said piece or parcel of land at a point at the beginning of the North 1809'00" West, 157.29 foot plat line as shown on the said plat of subdivision, recorded as Plat Book 194 as Plat Number 21173; Generally shows lots, blocks, easements, streets, floodplains, etc. When a big tract of land is subdivided into lots for residential and commercial real estate, using recorded plat as reference is the easiest and method to describe land that ticks all the boxes. BEING all of Lot 58, Phase 2, Beaver Creek Plantation, as more particularly described in a survey plat prepared by Mark A. 6/11/2018 Chapter 2 Quiz: 2018MSU-MRLES-382-3186 Things built on the land and things growing on the land are called: personal . Section 9-801 Lot of record When a lot which is an official lot of record at the time of adoption of this title does not comply with the area, yard or other requirements of this title, an application may be submitted to the Board of Appeals for a variance from the terms of this title in accordance with the procedure outlined in CHAPTER 10. 7. A tract of land may be exempt from the subdivision process under conditions described below. Must have been created through one of the following four methods: a.

A lot is an individual parcel of land intended to be conveyed in its entirety. Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Based on 14 documents Lot of record. Public Rights-of-Way website; Attachments. 80129, PG. Springtown Sub Amended Plat of Lot 2 Springtown 4 & Lot 5 Springtown 6. Stocks, R.L.S., and recorded in Map Cabinet 27 at Page 309 of the Brunswick County Registry, to which map reference is made and incorporated herein for greater certainty of description. In a large subdivision, lots may be grouped Do a Google search by typing your county and state with the words "online land records" after the name of the state being searched. A-1-i-2

The three (3) signed Final Plats must be recorded at the Wake County Register of Deeds within 60 days after approval. In all cases where any person, company or corporation may hereafter divide any tract of land into parcels less than one-sixteenth part of a section or otherwise, in such manner that such parcels cannot be described in the usual manner of . (m) "Lot" means a measured portion of a parcel or tract of land, which is described and fixed in a recorded plat. OF LAND The land embraced In the annexed plat of UFnMINGTON NO. 232.041. (n) "Outlot", when included within the boundary of a recorded plat, means a lot set aside for purposes other than a development site, park, or other land dedicated to public use or reserved to private use. A PLAT LOCATED IN LOTS 36, 37 AND 38 OF THE 3RD RIVERSIDE INDUSTRIAL PARK IN THE SE OF THE NW AND GOVERNMENTS LOT 3 OF SECTION 4, TOWNSHIP 28 NORTH, RANGE 8 WEST, CITY OF CHIPPEWA FALLS, CHIPPEWA COUNTY, . and curves of the land division sufficiently described so that they can be reproduced without additional references. The deed was prepared by the city's attorney. Tracts less than one-sixteenth of a section. Not just a map though. County, Texas according to the plat recorded in Volume 388-143, Page 49, Plat Records, Tarrant County, Texas. Definition. To create a plat map, one invests in a plat survey. Areas smaller than full quarter sections of 160 acres are called government lots. Some Record Lots also function in this capacity. Essentially, a plat. T. 1 N. R The applicant must return one (1) Mylar copy of the recorded Exempt Plat and one (1) paper copy of the plat to the Be aware that your plat must also abide by the provisions of Texas Property Code, Chapter 12. The process by which a subdivision plat is reviewed, approved and ultimately recorded is called 'platting'. d. not more than 40 townships of 15 ranges distant from the land being surveyed. property is transferred.

The . remain in effect as recorded, and run . (2) A title opinion of an attorney at law licensed in Florida or a property information report showing that record title to the land as described and shown on the plat is in the name of the person, persons, corporation, or entity executing the dedication. A CIC plat is a map of a subdivision of land . The property owner may sell lots shown on the plat after the county clerk records the subdivision plat. Portions of lots are generally not depicted on recorded plats so if a property is described as a portion of a lot in a recorded deed then the Legal Property Description should refer to that recorded deed instead of the recorded plat. Term.

Must be shown or described on a plat or other written instrument that adequately describes the lot and that has been recorded with the Santa Fe County Clerk; AND 2. This system is based on the idea of parallels and meridians that circle the globe. The answer is no. It is sometimes referred to as the recorded plat survey system or the recorded map survey system. Record PLATS-25921: PLAT Records Record Status: Complete Record Info Record Details . 1. "All that certain tract or parcel of land and premises, hereinafter particularly described, situate, lying and being in the Township of Maplewood in the County of

notice of trustee's sale 17-22 at 10:00 o'clock a.m. (recognized local time) on october 18, 2022, in the office of first american title company, located at, 2 e. mullan, kellogg id 83837, first american title company as trustee, will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in lawful money of the united states, all payable at the

Number scales or constants used for determining frontage numbers shall be indicated on the plats and plans within the stamp area of the "PROJECT STREET NAMES APPROVED" stamp. the said complaint seeks to quiet title to the following described real estate, to wit: that portion of lots 8, 9, 10, and 11, block 116, west olympia, as recorded in volume 1 of plats, page 12,. REVISION OF PLAT.

Both are recorded according to the laws of the county concerned. The title opinion or property information report must also show all mortgages not . All other restrictions placed on this property by the above-described recorded documents . Logan, Ohio 43138, owner of the real estate shown on this plat and presently known as Lot 383 and Lot 384 of the . owner name: ivory land corporation: property address: lehi: mailing address: 7038 monica cv - salt lake city, ut 84121: tax legal description: part lot 1, plat a, brady sub described as follows:; com s 197.52 ft & w 299.32 ft fr n 1/4 cor.

The cadastral survey plats are used in the construction of a MTP plat. 6. Definition. In Oklahoma, land is described by written descriptions or legally recorded plats.

8. Associates of Sarasota, L.L.C., recorded in Official Record Book 1888, Page 7567 Public Records of Manatee County, Florida; Also: The northwest quarter of the northeast quarter lying south of State Road 64, less and except the east 100-feet described in Warranty Deed to John D. Taylor and Beverly J. Taylor, recorded in Official Record Book These lots are simply pieces of property, owned by somebody, described in deeds, for which tax bills are sent and real estate taxes are collected by the city. To find online land records: For each state there is an Online Genealogy Records page. If a parcel being described is located within a subdivision, a statement is needed to show the lots/blocks to which the description pertains. A map of a subdivision indicating the location and boundaries of individual properties. Lot-and-Block System. This statement could precede the description or follow it.

The lot and block survey system is a method used in the United States and Canada to locate and identify land, particularly for lots in densely populated metropolitan areas, suburban areas and exurbs. An Amending Plat is a revised plat correcting errors or making minor changes to the original recorded final plat.

The general notes on the plat map of the addition included the following: "ALL OF OUTLOT A IS A SEWER, DRAINAGE AND DETENTION BASIN EASTMENT. When lots are sold as part of a recorded subdivision plan on which "a street has been plotted by the grantor, the purchasers acquire property rights in the use of the street.". of part of the S. W. of sec. A parcel shown on an approved Division of Land Plat. 2 . The most restrictive conservation easement must be shown and described, and all other conservation easements must be shown, including, without limitation, 100-year floodplain, 100-year . Plat Map. described property was surveyed by Larry P. Gerstner, Ohio Registered Surveyor No.

POB Point Of Beginning. In a Metes and Bounds legal description, the starting point of the . Examples of Lot of record in a sentence. The following information is needed for all lots of record requests: The final plat of any lot, tract, or parcel of land shall be recorded in the records of Hood County, Texas . does hereby adopt this plat designating the herein above described real property as LOTS 1, 2 and 3, BLOCK 1, TOM HOLLOWAY ADDITION, an addition to Tarrant County, Texas and does hereby . Definition. A direct or photographic . Criteria: A-1-i-1 The building or preparation of land for building a dwelling for one or two families on a single lot or tract that is not part of a recorded plat. There are known instances where tax lots . A plat is a map of a land area, usually on the scale of a neighborhood or county township, and a plot is a piece of land used for a single purpose (such as a park or a home). (Used as evidence of legal parcel prior to Certificate of Compliance.) the plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 3 Page 22 of the Current Public Records of Duval County, Florida. A plat is basically a legal real estate term for a map. when surveying land, a surveyor refers to the principal meridian that is, a. nearest the land being surveyed, b. within the rectangular survey system area in which the land being surveyed is located. The entire group of lots comprises the subdivision. .

Stocks, R.L.S., and recorded in Map Cabinet 24 at Page 55 of the Brunswick County Registry, to which map reference is made and incorporated herein for greater certainty of description. The size and location of each block and lot is shown on a plat, which is then recorded in the public recorder's office (or Clerk's office, or land records) of the county or city where the land is located. This right is described as 'an . r. N. , R. 9 E. , City of Cland Co., Michigan IS described a. follows t Commencing at the S V eor. Said 60.397 acres of land being more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a cotton spike found in Precinct Line Road, said cotton spike being an exterior angle point of said Tarrant Acquisition It is a map that shows the boundaries and location of . The MTP plat reflects the Lot size and . p134974 8100-000-006-0000: . township plat. Under this system, tracts of land are subdivided into lots. < > Effective - 28 Aug 1945. 3) Recorded plat. 6.4.3. "That the following described real estate situated in the City of Terre Haute, County of Vigo, State of Indiana, to-wit: (Lot Numbered One Hundred Twelve (112) in Stewart Place Subdivision, as per plat thereof, recorded in Plat Book g . Written land descriptions may be based on the rectangular survey system (also known as the township and range system), a metes and bound description or a coordinate description system. Of sec. 8. The plat represents the lines surveyed, showing the direction and length of each line, the boundaries, descriptions and area of the parcel of land, and a delineation of the culture and improvements within the limits of the survey. Term. (a) A person who has subdivided land that is subject to the subdivision controls of the county in which the land is located may apply in writing to the commissioners court of the county for permission to revise the subdivision plat filed for record with the county clerk. The county recorder may record the plat only if a certificate showing the approval of the plan commission or works board is attached to it. 153A-331(b) and G.S. Recording of an approved plat establishes the new legal description of the lot or lots described on the subdivision plat. I I I I I . Definition.

4. The ever-increasing number of parcels, plus the increasing demand for information, requires that the Land Records Division first meet the expectation of the public at large, of the county's land information community, and of its local governments for accurate, precise, timely information about land ownership and boundaries, and for . That I, David W. Fite, Registered Professional Land Surveyor, State of Texas, herebyo `; P' t b certify that the description and plat hereon are taken from actual measurements * e ' , I upon t)E ground and ar true and correct to he best of my knowledge and belief this _! Lot of record means a lot which is part of a subdivision recorded in the office of the County Recorder, or a lot or parcel described by metes and bounds, the description of which has been so recorded.

Land Records Manager 919-814-5400. 194 as Plat Number 21173;and being more particularly described in Maryland State Plane Meridian (NAD83/91) as follows: Beginning for the said piece or parcel of land at a point at the beginning of the North 1809'00" West, 157.29 foot plat line as shown on the said plat of subdivision, recorded as Plat Book 194 as Plat Number 21173; The attorney certification shall be from an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of North Carolina, in form and substance acceptable to the City that certifies to the following: i. (b) The foregoing provision does not apply to a conveyance if the land described: (1) was a separate parcel of record April 1, 1945 or the date of adoption of subdivision regulations under Laws 1945, chapter 287, whichever is the later, or of the adoption of subdivision regulations pursuant to a home rule charter, or 7, t5s, r1e, slb&m.; n 89 deg 37' 0" e 119.24 ft; s 89 deg 32' 52" e 240.29 ft; s 89 deg 24' 50" e 27.24 ft; s 149.99 ft; s 89 deg 24' 50" e 45.54 ft . Overview of Subdivision Plats and Platting in Bexar County (PDF) PARCEL # 236AA001:

5. Sec. A Lot of Record (LOR) is reviewed consistent with the following definition, set forth by Whatcom County Code 20.97.220: Lot of record means a lot which is described by final plat, short plat, or metes and bounds, and is established pursuant to applicable local and state regulations at the date a legal instrument creating the lot is recorded at the Whatcom County Auditor's Office. 6.4.4

A parcel described in a Grant Deed or other bonafide conveyance document recorded prior to. 9. survey plat recorded in the County Register of Deeds is in GS 47-30(g) In ordinary words GS 47-30(g) means, a plat is authorized to be used as a description by

In a Metes and Bounds legal description, the starting point of the . together with that portion of the strip of land described under af#201910280074, lying within said lot 6 between the northerly and southerly portions thereof. BEING all of Lot 68, Phase 4, Beaver Creek Plantation, as more particularly described in a survey plat prepared by Mark A.

1 / 1 ptsQuestion 4 Under the lot and block method, land is described by reference to a map called a: subdivision plat.Correct!Correct! The other system of legal description is the lot-and-block system (aka recorded plat system), which refers to specific parcels of land identified by a lot number or letter and the block, or subdivision plat, in which the lot is located. South Buda Business Park Replat Lot 4B Blk A Establishing Lots 4C & 4D. Statement example: A parcel of . Plat Map. It is the product of a process that simplifies legal property descriptions and dedicates lands for public use. Plat must be stamped and signed by Register of Deeds. Certain documentation is required prior to the issuance of a certificate of compliance. VISION. In the United States, a plat (/ p l t / or / p l t /) (plan) is a cadastral map, drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land.United States General Land Office surveyors drafted township plats of Public Lands Surveys to show the distance and bearing between section corners, sometimes including topographic or vegetation information. day of _ ie=, --- 20-425C, and the monuments shown thereoi and 277 of the Dicken's Allotment to the City of Logan as recorded in Plat Cabinet 1, Pages 2B and 3A, Hocking County Recorder's Office now to be known as LOT 274 REVISED; being part of Section 12, Township 14, Range 17; and being more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a 5/8" iron pin set at the Northwest corner of said Lot 274; G.S. OUTLOT A IS DEDICATED TO THE CITY OF BETTENDORF, IOWA, FOR STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PURPOSES.

(A) "Plat" means a map of a tract or parcel of land.

COMMON ADDRESS OF LOTS TO BE REZONED: 916 st Terre Haute IN 47802 Parcel Number: 84-06-34-307-010.000-002 . Logan as recorded in Plat Book B, Pages 38 and 39, Hocking County Recorder's Office; being part of Section 35, Township . Frontage numbers with their corresponding directional shall be shown within each proposed lot or contained within a lot table on the plat. vernon, as per the plat recorded in volume 2 of plats, page 105, records of skagit county .

area of land described in a single, legal description or legally recorded subdivision that has been or may be legally conveyed to a new owner by deed in its existing configuration. The metes-and-bounds description of the property shown in Figure 4 is given below.

160A-372(b) provide in part that an ordinance may require that a plat be prepared, approved, and recorded "whenever any subdivision of land takes place." By implication, a plat may not be required if the division is outside the scope of the definition of "subdivision" or is exempt from it. Use of "Parcel" vs. "Lot": Designate a property on a record plat as a "lot" (or "outlot", if applicable) unless an PARCEL # 236HB022: 137.185. A subdivision plat is a map of a subdivision of land into lots and blocks. The recorded plat must be such that the public may obtain legible copies. 56 the land shall provide to the municipality in which the land is located an accurate plat that 57 describes or specifies: 58 (a) a subdivision name that is distinct from any subdivision name on a plat recorded in 59 the county recorder's office; 60 (b) the boundaries, course, and dimensions of all of the parcels of ground divided, by (0.1100 ac) that portion of lot 4, block 27, map of syndicate addition to the town of la conner, skagit co., wash., as per plat recorded in volume 2 of plats, page 109, records of skagit county, washington, lying northwesterly of the following described line: beginning at the intersection of the common corner of said tract v and said lot 4 in . Texas according to the plat recorded in Volume 91199, Page 3395 of the Deed Records of Dallas County, Texas, being all of a tract of land described as Tract 2 in Special Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien to 14885 Inwood Road, LLC, recorded in Instrument No .

239, Fifth Land District, Troup County, Georgia, according to the above mentioned plat recorded in Plat Book No. It is usually produced as part of the subdivision process, when a developer creates new building lots from a larger lot, and is often required by the local planning department before a subdivision can be approved. One, Page 249, at Clerk of Superior Court Office of said county.

standards and zoning requirements. How to Obtain a Property Plat Plat maps must be as accurate as possible. Geographically, tax lots typically overlay layers such as record lots or sometimes reservations.

C.T. If a property is not described by a Lot, Block, and Subdivision in the recorded deed but is described by a . [1] Contents 1 Origins of the system 2 Mechanics Under the City's interpretation of this definition, to constitute a "legal lot of record," the lot: 1. Sales at LaPorte-Winamac ended in 1855; unsold lands were attached to the Indianapolis Land Office. Silver Spur Ranchettes Sec 3 Resub Lot 5 & Portion Lot 1 Section 1. A plat is a map of an area of land that has been divided into individual building lots and which also has streets delineated.. Usually requires official approval before recordation. See Page 1. Lots 7, 8, and 9 Block 49, Riverside Heights, according to the plat thereof as recorded in Plat Book 2 Page 61 of the Current Public Records of Duval County, Florida. Specifically, all purchasers of property in a subdivision acquire an easement over all platted roads in the subdivision plan. Check this first under the subtitle "Land and Property Records". 1 / 1 ptsQuestion 5. An application review fee of $ 40.00 (per lot) for the first two lots with $ 20.00 per lot for any additional lot is due at the time of filing the application.