In this method, the lengths of lines marked on the field are measured, while the details are measured by offsets and ties from these lines. Plumb bob. Advantages of Dumpy Level Survey. Ranging Rods: 3 no. Instruments Used in Chain Surveying (Survey Instruments) What Instruments are Used in Chain Surveying? Plumbing Fork and Bob. Walk the whole area and thoroughly examine the ground, note the position of boundaries, road, and river etc., various difficulties to chain lines, select stations, and prepare neat sketches called index sketches or key plan. A Chain is comprised of straight steel links with hooks at the end, which are interconnected by three steel rings. Types Of Chains Used In Surveying 1. Engineers chain 5. What is Chain Surveying in Civil Engineering? The chain is made up of steel wire which is divided into links and togs (rings) to facilitate folding. Chain, 20m or 30m long. Line measuring equipment e.g. This is appropriate for surveying small areas with clear details and a relatively flat area. Cross-Staff. Metric Chain (20 m) 1 no. Equipment Used In Chain Surveying, Surveying Chain, Types of Chain- Revenue chain, Gunters chain, Engineers chain, Metric chain, Suitability of Chain, Unsuitability of Chain, Units of Measurement, Tapes- Cloth or Linen Tape, Metallic Tape, Steel Tape, Invar Tape, Pegs, Arrows, Ranging rods, Offset rods, Plumb bob, Clinometer, Cross-staff, Optical Square, Prism Square, Plumbing fork and plumb bob consist of a upper and lower arm. Indirect Ranging. Chain survey is suitable for the survey of areas that are fairly flat and small areas with simple details. The chain is made up of steel wire which is divided into links and togs (rings) to facilitate folding. Fig. 2. This is suitable for the survey of small areas with simple details and an area that is fairly flat. It is sometimes used as a unit of measurement; It has brass handles at both ends for easy handling. There are two major types of stations in chain surveying: 1. Main stations Main stations are the end of lines that determine the boundary of the surveying. 2. Tie (Subsidiary) Stations Metric chains 2. 1.1 Chain and Tape. Chain research is a simple and common method used in exercise surveying. Equipment for Chain Surveying. The various instrument used for the determination of the length of the line by chaining are as follows . (iv) An offset rod.

If carefully done, it gives quite accurate results. Chain surveying method occurs in other aspects of surveying, hence a good knowledge of chain surveying is very vital in surveying as a whole. Chain (Tape) surveying is the simplest form of detail surveying. #1. Hammer.

Metric chain: In surveying 5,10,20 and 30-meter chain used; Gunter chain: For surveying purpose 66 feet chain used; Engineers Chain: 100 feet chain used for surveying purposes; Revenue chain: 33 feet Revenue chain is used for distance measurement in feet or inches for small areas. Revenue chain Station used in Chain Surveying Main Station Subsidiary Station. Line used in Chain Surveying Base line Check line Tie line. Revenue chain: - This chain is mainly used during cadastral survey (The survey in which determination of land boundaries and area takes place is called cadastral or land survey). Chain or Tape. This method is generally known as chain surveying because the principle instrument or equipment used in this method is the chain. This method is time consuming. Arrows: 10 no. Chains or tapes are used to measure distances on the field. Arrows. Here only linear measurements are made i.e. It derives its name from the fact that the principle equipment commonly used is The chain survey is the whole are survey is divied into a network of triangles and the sides of the several triangles are measured quickly in the field with chain or tape. 1. What are the instruments used for a chain surveying? Arrows (Arrows in Surveying). Chain surveys can be easily done by a few men to survey.

Primary and secondary chains and pencils are enough equipment to perform simple chain survey. Equipment used for chain surveying: Tapes, Ranging rods, Arrows/Marker paint, Prism Square, Prismatic Compass Booking Each link is 2.0625 feet long. There Chain. Chain surveying is a form of surveying that only takes linear measurements in the field. The tools used to do chain surveying are easy to use. Usually, a chain has a total length of 20 metres, including one handle at each end. What is a primary chain? The dumpy level is a widely used surveying instrument in surveying. Pegs.

2. Offset Rods. The equipment used in chain survey can easily be replaced.

Chain surveying Chain & ranging rod. Gunters chain or surveyors chain 4. Hammer. (ii) A metallic tape 20 m or 30 m in length. no angular measurements are made. It is used to measure the required lengths of horizontal distances on the field. Prismatic compass withstand. As follows. Mallet. The term taping can also be used for measurements with a tape. This method does not involve complicated mathematical calculation. Metallic Tape (15 m) 1 no. 5. It is a simple method of surveying. Chain or Tape- A cross staff is an instrument that provides one pair of line of sight The equipment used to do chain research is easy to use. The whole process of plane table surveying depends on the setup of the plane table in the right position. The link The following 15 types of equipment are required for conducting chain survey . For example measuring rods can be replaced with measuring tape. Clinometer: 1 no. The equipment used in chain survey can easily be replaced. A simple chain survey cannot be conducted in built up areas. Chain survey becomes a more complicated method when there are raised points in between areas to be surveyed. The upper arm has a pointer fixed at the end. It has a booker, a leader, and a follower. What is chain surveying Pegs. Surveying equipment is being used under most stressful conditions. The ground measures with a chain or tape measure over a series of straight lines and all fixed points are measured at right angles or by tie-lines.

A chain survey team usually needs three people. 1)Chain: Chain is the most basic and vital instrument used for chain surveying. Roller Chain Sprockets. The dumpy level is mainly used in surveying for the following purposes: To determine relative height and distance among different locations of a surveying land. Ranging Rod. Marking stations. The links of chain is made up of steel and handle is made up of brass. It is useful only where there are no obstacles, such as a plain ground. Chain and tape are easy to use and anyone can use once they are given some basic training. Primary chains are the lines that connect two points on The chain surveying is the most commonly used surveying for quick and short measurements.

Chain survey is simplest and commonest method used in surveying exercises. For example, measuring rods and measuring tape can be replaced. The chain, the steel band and tapes. The tools used in chain surveying can be easily changed as needed. 1 A chain Code signals of ranging. Pencils are used to note measurements on the 100-meter tape. As a measurement unit, it can sometimes be used. Equipment used in chain surveying. Range Rod (Ranging Rod). Instruments used in Chain Survey. Wooden or Iron Pegs. Offset Rods. It is 66 feet long and divided into 16 links. (iii) About one dozen ranging rods (the actual number depends upon the extent of survey). Advantages Of Chain Surveying. It gets its name from the fact that the chain is the most widely used piece of equipment. I know this is the relief to those who are afraid of mathematics Metric chain; Arrows ; Metallic tape ; Ranging rods ; Offset rod ; Clinometer; Plum bob with thread. Links and rings of steel wire form a chain that folds. Plumbing Fork and Bob help to attain the levelling, centering and orientation of the plane table. Metric surveying chain; Tapes; Arrows; Pegs; Ranging rods; Offset rods; Plasterers laths and whites; Plumb bob. Cross staff. 3. A chain (see Fig. are done in the office. A chain is made up of steel or galvanized mild steel wire which is divided into straight links and tags (rings) to facilitate folding and for ease in storage. It is sometimes used as a unit of measurement; It has brass handles at both ends for easy handling. This is most suitably adapted to small plane areas with very few details. Offset Rod: 1 no. The equipment required in chain surveying includes the following: (i) A chain with a set of ten arrows. Chain surveying is the process of surveying a given piece of land using linear measurements only. Steel band or Band chain 3. Cross staff or optical square. The measurements in chain surveying are linear- angular measurements are not considered. Moreover, it provides fairly accurate result provided that the work is conducted carefully. Chain surveying is suitable for small areas with few details. Tools and equipments required include chain, tape, ranging rod, arrows and, sometimes, a cross staff. Plumb bob. How long is a chain in surveying? 15 Equipment For Chain Survey. Equipment used in Chain Surveying. Equipment Needed In Chain Surveying. The equipment used in the chain research can be easily replaced. The ends of each link are bent into a loop hand connected together by means of three oral rings. Commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, roller chain sprockets transmit force to chains by engaging the rollers in the chain, where the teeth fit between the inside plates of the chain. Type of Ranging 1. Direct Ranging 2. Types of Chain. As you are about to execute chain surveying so chain is the requisite tool that is a must. Equipment used in chain surveying. A simple chain survey cannot be conducted in built up areas. 1. Field book; Good pencil; Pen knife; Eraser(rubber) The equipment used to conduct chain survey are simple to use, The equipment used in chain survey can easily be replaced. The equipment is exposed to extreme weather conditions, used in dusty construction areas and is subject to bumpy transportation. Metric surveying chains. In Chain Surveying most commonly used instrument is Chain, Tape, Arrows, Pegs, Plumb bob, Cross staff, Offset rod, Line Ranger, Whites, etc. It has been superseded by the steel tape and electronic equipment. elementary surveying equipment,Instruments used in Surveying , Instruments used in Chain Survey Chain used for , chain surveying and its equipments , Instruments used for To determine relative distance among different locations of a surveying land. Disadvantages of Chain Surveying: There are various disadvantages of using chain surveying in field those are.

The best tringle is the Equilateral tringle for the chain survey. Chain surveying is the branch of surveying in which linear measurements are made in the field, usually suitable for the survey of small areas with simple details and an area that is fairly flat, it derives its name from the fact that the most commonly used instrument in the chain. Uses and Applications of Chain Surveying. Ranging rods. The surveyor inspects the area to be surveyed, survey or prepares index sketch or key plan. The equipment used in chain surveying are cheap. Disadvantages of Chain survey. It is commonly used on fairly level open land. 1) is made up of connected steel segments, or links, which each measure 20 cm. Disadvantages Of Chain Surveying. Chain . Chain. Wooden pegs. In the chain survey, only measurements are taken in the field, and the rest work, such as plotting calculation, etc. Tape. Sometimes a special joint or a tally marker is attached every 5 metres.